ACT Light Rail Stage 2 - City to Woden


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ACT Light Rail Stage 2 - City to Woden

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STATUS: Credibly proposed
PROCUREMENT APPROACH: Traditional procurement, Unknown
TYPE: Greenfield

ACT Light Rail Stage 2 will extend the light rail line from Canberra CBD south to Woden, via the Parliamentary Triangle. This will provide an extension to Stage 1 which runs from Canberra CBD to Gungahlin in the city's north, along Northbourne Avenue and Flemington Road.

Tenders to provide professional services to the ACT Government were opened in December 2016. Planning, including further refinements to the exact route alignment, commenced in 2017, with four route options identified. These being:

  • 1a City - Parkes - Adelaide Ave - Woden;
  • 1b City - Parkes - Adelaide Ave Woden - Canberra Hospital;
  • 2a City - Parkes - Barton - Adelaide Ave - Woden; and
  • 2b City - Parkes - Barton - Adelaide Ave - Woden - Canberra Hospital.


In December 2017, the ACT Government announced they had refined the route options and decided that Stage 2 would terminate at Woden town centre - cutting options 1b and 2b in the process.

The ACT Government announced in April 2018 that option 2a was the preferred route. Further consultations will take place to determine the exact stop locations on the preferred route.

The 2018-19 ACT Budget allocated $12.5 million towards progressing detailed planning and design of Stage 2.

In May 2018 the Federal Government Joint Standing Committee on the National capital and External Territories commenced an inquiry into the Commonwealth and Parliamentary approvals for Stage 2. The Inquiry looked at possible impacts by the light rail line on the Parliamentary zone and precincts and its consistency with the National Capital Plan. Through the inquiry the ACT Government reiterated its preference for route option 2a, which would cross Lake Burley Griffin via Commonwealth Avenue Bridge, and stated it would be unlikely to invest in the project if the Committee were to recommend the route should use the Kings Avenue Bridge instead. This route is only partially consistent with that defined in the National Capital Plan.

The Joint Standing Committee handed down its report in October 2018, recommending that the ACT Government work with the National Capital Authority (NCA) to ensure Commonwealth approval by way of amending the National Capital Plan. The Committee also recommended that Parliament require light rail lines to be wire-free in the Parliamentary triangle and on a number of roads in adjoining precincts. The ACT Government has subsequently said it will work with the NCA on any possible changes to the National Capital Plan, while continuing to pursue it's preferred route, option 2a.

The ACT Government anticipates the project cost to be in the region of $1.3 billion to $1.6 billion, subject to timing, market conditions and the procurement process chosen. Further, the Government's procurement timeline expects to achieve business case and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) approval in FY2018-19, with procurement to begin in FY2019-20 and construction to commence in FY2020-21. Operation of Stage 2 is scheduled to begin in FY2023-24.

It is likely that the Canberra Metro consortium, which will operate Stage 1, will also operate Stage 2.

Last reviewed: 26/10/2018

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