Adelaide Riverbank Arena

Adelaide Riverbank Arena

The Government of South Australia committed to building a new arena in Adelaide’s Riverbank precinct if re-elected in March 2022. The arena will be located between the rail yards and the River Torrens, west of Morphett Street bridge. 

The new arena will replace the Adelaide Entertainment Centre and be able to host concerts, conventions, and court sports. It will have seating capacity for 15,000 patrons, allowing South Australia to host major international conferences and events. 

A key component of the plan is an underground 10 metre-wide tunnel below Morphett Street, which would directly link the arena with the Adelaide Convention Centre, increasing exhibition space by 5,600 square metres. 

The project will also include 550 on-site carparking spaces which will complement the 1,100 spaces at the adjacent Adelaide Convention Centre. Spaces for six rowing clubs would also be included at the western side of the arena to replace those removed during the redevelopment. 

Key Dates

Mar 2021 Project Announcement
Mar 2023 Expected early works commencement
Oct 2023 Expected construction commencement for underground tunnel
2025 Expected Construction Commencement
2028 Expected Construction Completion
Dec 2028 Project operational

Funding contributions

SA Government


Mar 2021 The Government of South Australia announced that, if re-elected in March 2022, it will build a $700 million new arena in Adelaide's Riverbank precinct. Also, Infrastructure South Australia listed the project in its 2021 Capital Intentions Statement, as a project for final investment decision, with Infrastructure South Australia noting it completed an assessment of an initial business case and recommends further work to refine costs and timing of the project.
Jun 2021 The 2021-22 South Australian Budget revealed a lower cost estimate, with a new estimated total cost of $662 million, down from $700 million in the previous Budget. The 2021-22 SA Budget allocated $79 million between FY2022-23 and FY2024-25.
Aug 2021 The SA Government released the business case for the arena, giving the project a benefit cost ratio of 1.23. It also provides details on the timeline for construction along with further details around the design and key features.
Sep 2021 The SA Government has opened proposed planning changes for public consultation. Proposed changes include rezoning to support the development of the Arena.
Mar 2022 The Government of South Australia formally announced it will not proceed with the proposed $662 million Adelaide Riverbank Arena. Notional funding for the project will be redirected to the state’s health system.
Estimated Total Cost
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