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ANZ Stadium Redevelopment

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STATUS: Announced
SECTOR: Social infrastructure
PROCUREMENT APPROACH: Traditional procurement
TYPE: Greenfield

ANZ Stadium at Sydney Olympic Park will be refurbished into a rectangular stadium at a cost of $810 million.

In November 2017 the NSW Government had announced that it planned to knock down and rebuild both ANZ and Sydney Football stadiums. The NSW Government had estimated that the cost to rebuild ANZ Stadium would be approximately $1.25 billion, in addition to the $200 million the NSW Government spent on buying the stadium back from its private operator.

However in March 2018, the NSW Government announcement that it will refurbish ANZ Stadium. This sees the Government revert back to the program proposed in 2015, which was to refurbish ANZ Stadium.

The Infrastructure NSW (INSW) State Infrastructure Strategy, released in early March 2018, recommended that business cases for both ANZ and Allianz stadiums be completed in 2018. The NSW Government supported the recommendation in its response to the Strategy.

The strategic business case for ANZ Stadium, led by INSW, was issued to the NSW Government in late March 2018, which prompted the Government to instead commit to a refurbishment of the stadium. The strategic business case investigated three options, including:

- refurbishing/remodelling the stadium into a rectangular formation with 70,000 seat capacity ($810 million);
- a new stadium with 70,000 seat capacity ($1.292 billion); and
- a new stadium with 75,000 seat capacity ($1.33 billion).

The strategic business case estimated that the rebuild options would be completed by September 2023, while the refurbishment option would be completed by July 2021. The business case found that the cost benefit ratios for all three options were similar. The NSW Government has opted for the refurbishment option, citing the $500 million saving and the estimated completion date being two years earlier. The refurbishment will extend the stadium life by a further 40 years.

The final business case is now being prepared by INSW. The NSW Government's 2019-20 Budget did not provide funding for the project in FY2019-20, however $810 million is budgeted under the Restart NSW and Rebuilding NSW funds for the project.

ANZ Stadium, also known as Stadium Australia, was completed in 1999 to host the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics. It is a multi-purpose stadium and has hosted events and games such as the Rugby World Cup, the Asian Cup Final, the NRL, State of Origin and the AFL. The confirmation from the NSW Government of the refurbishment has resulted in NSW securing the NRL Grand Final in Sydney for the next 25 years.

The re-election of the NSW Liberal-National Coalition Government in the 2019 State election means the refurbishment of ANZ Stadium will go ahead.

Last reviewed: 01/07/2019

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