Crown Infrastructure Partners - Paerata, Pukekohe and Drury West


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Crown Infrastructure Partners - Paerata, Pukekohe and Drury West

Prospective pipeline

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The project or divestment is supported by a state, territory or major local government, is subject to studies or other processes (such as pre-feasibility or scoping studies or business case development), and is likely to proceed to formal announcement.   


The project has a firm commitment and timeline from a state, territory or major local government, but has not yet entered the market.

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The project or transaction is under procurement (such as a call for Expressions of Interest, requests for tender, or another offer to the market).

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New Zealand

All greenfield and brownfield projects and divestments: > NZD $100 million

STATUS: Prospective pipeline
VALUE: $296M AUD | $319 NZD
TYPE: Greenfield

Project Summary

The objective of Crown Infrastructure Partners is to increase the supply of land available for housing development through infrastructure investment, particularly in high-growth areas in the North and South of Auckland.

The greatest opportunity to create new urban areas in Auckland is to the South of the city, where around 5,300 hectares of land has been identified for urban development.

The areas of Paerata, Pukekohe, Drury West and Drury South offer the greatest opportunity to expedite the supply of housing as they are the most ready to develop.
Of these, Drury South is the most progressed potenital housing development (see $68 million Drury South sub-project).

Key Dates

In May 2020, community feedback opened for five projects within the NZ Upgrade Program. Community feedback is open from 18 May to 12 June 2020 for these projects:

  • Mill Road – Takaanini, Papakura and Drury sections
  • Pukekohe Expressway and connections to State Highway 22
  • Pukekohe Urban Arterial (north-east section)
  • Rail upgrades and new stations at Drury Central, Drury West and Paerata, and
  • Separate walking and cycling paths along Opāheke Road, Ponga Road and Waihoehoe Road.



In July 2017 the New Zealand Government announced NZ$600 million (A$560 million) will be provided for a joint public-private infrastructure investment fund, Crown Infrastructure Partners, for road and water infrastructure


Further information

Although areas in the South have significant potential to expand greenfield housing capacity in Auckland, only 3,000 additional houses can be supported by the existing water and roading infrastructure.

It is estimated that an infrastructure investment of $387 million ($215 million for transport; $172 million for water) could increase the supply of new houses by 17,800 across Paerata, Pukekohe, Drury West and Drury South.

The estimated $172 million needed for water infrastructure in the South would fund a number of developments including (but limited to) the:

  • New Paerata water main ($30 million)
  • New Paerata sewer ($40 million)
  • Drury West wastewater reticulation ($20 million)
  • Drury South pump station ($25 million)
  • Bremner Road sewers ($2 million)
  • Bremner Road pump station ($20 million)
  • Paerata storm water ($1 million), and
  • Pukekohe storm water ($26 million).


The estimated $215 million infrastructure investment in the South would fund a number of transport developments, including the:

  • Rail stations at Paerata and Drury West ($60 million)
  • Paerata rail crossing ($20 million)
  • Bremner upgrade ($38 million), and
  • Mill Road, Great South Road/Spine Road ($97 million).

Last reviewed: 02/06/2020

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