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Fishermans Bend Tram Link

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STATUS: Prospective pipeline
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TYPE: Greenfield

The Fishermans Bend tram link forms part of one of Australia’s largest urban renewal projects – the Fishermans Bend project.

The Victorian Government is looking at options to extend the light rail network to cater for the urban development envisaged.

In 2013 the then Victorian Department of Transport (now The Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure) engaged Aurecon to undertake a feasibility investigation into extending the tram network into Fishermans Bend. Aurecon assessed five potential route alignments ranging from 1.6 to 2.8 kilometres long, with four of the five routes proposed requiring a bridge over the Yarra River.

Infrastructure Victoria (IV) recommended the Fishermans Bend tram link in their 30-year Infrastructure Strategy. While IV did not recommend a specific route, the analysis in IVs Options Book considered an extension of the Collins Street tram line across the Yarra river into the Fishermans Bend precinct along Plummer Street.

In October 2017 the Victorian Government released the Fishermans Bend Draft Framework, which provides two preferred tram corridor alignments. One is IV's considered Plummer Street route, with the other also spurring from the Collins Street tram line running along Turner St and then extending to the West Gate Bridge. Both routes would use a six metre bridge across the Yarra connecting Collins Street to Lorimer Street on the south shore.

According to the Framework, the tram corridors have a medium-term delivery timeframe of 2020-2025.

The Victorian Government will finalise the planning and design of the tram corridors, in conjunction with the City of Port Phillip and City of Melbourne, during the finalisation of the draft Framework and Precinct Plans.

The Fishermans Bend Tram Link Framework released in October 2018 reaffirmed the findings of the 2017 Integrated Transport Plan and IV's work for the area, with tram lines proposed to run along Turner and Plummer streets, connecting to the Melbourne CBD via a new bridge at Collins street across the Yarra River. The Framework indicates the tram lines would likely be constructed in stages, with Stage one comprising the Yarra River crossing and the northern tram line corridor along Turner St.

Fishermans Bend was rezoned to be part of an expanded Capital City Zone and declared a site of State significance in 2012. It is expected to eventually house 80,000 people and cater for 80,000 jobs.

Public input on the precinct implementation plans is being sought by the Victorian Government between May and June 2019.

Infrastructure Australia identifies "public transport access to Fishermans Bend" as a medium term (5-10 years) Priority Initiative in its Infrastructure Priority List.

The 2018-19 Victorian Budget allocated $1 million towards developing a business case for active transport and tram connections between Fishermans Bend and the CBD.

Last reviewed: 04/06/2019

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