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Interislander Ferry Replacement Project – Wellington and Picton Terminal Upgrade

Interislander Ferry Replacement Project – Wellington and Picton Terminal Upgrade

The Interislander Ferry Replacement Project involves replacing KiwiRail's Interislander fleet ferry service, which links road and rail networks between New Zealand's north and south islands, with two new rail-enabled ferries.

As part of the project, Kaiwharawhara Terminal in Wellington and Waitohi Picton Terminal will be reconfigured to accommodate the new fleet and integrate with the local rail and road infrastructure.

Key Dates

Dec 2019 Project Announcement


Procuring Agency: KiwiRail
Procurement note:

The detailed design of both terminals are expected to be procured as a single Terminals Design Services package. A separate procurement process is expected to be conducted for the construction of the terminals. As of August 2021, whether the construction of the terminals will be packaged together has not been confirmed. 

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Detailed Design
Successful Tenderer - WSP and Jacobs


Dec 2019 A community engagement session was held for the redevelopment of Picton Ferry Precinct.
Mar 2020 The plans for redevelopment of Picton Ferry Precinct were opened for further public consultation. The consultation period ended in April 2020.
Jun 2020 KiwiRail issued a Notices of Information for the market engagement process for construction and maintenance of the Picton Ferry Terminal Project. The New Zealand Government also announced the resource consent approval for the Picton Ferry Dock and Terminal Upgrade will be fast-tracked under the COVID-19 Recovery Bill. This would reduce the consenting time to 45 to 70 working days.
Oct 2020 KiwiRail issued another Notice of Information updating the market that the procurement commencement for the Waitohi Picton Ferry Precinct Redevelopment is now expected in the first quarter of 2021.
2020 In late 2020, KiwiRail and Port Marlborough engaged with the market on the Picton Ferry Terminal Upgrade and expressed their preference to procure the design and construction of the new ferry terminal as a 'pure Alliance' contract.
May 2021 The project was approved by the expert consenting panel under the fast-track consenting process.
Aug 2021 Issuing a Notice of Information to the market, KiwiRail, CentrePort and Port Marlborough announced they no longer seek to procure the design and construction of the new Picton Ferry Terminal as an Alliance contract, as announced in late 2020. Instead the design of both Wellington and Picton ferry terminal upgrades are now expected to be procured as a single design-only contract, termed the 'Terminals Design Services' package. A separate procurement process would be conducted for the construction of the terminals.
Sep 2021 Kiwirail opened a Request for Tender process for Terminal Design Services, closing on 26 October.
Oct 2021 Kiwirail released updated concept designs for the Waitohi Picton Terminal. The new designs incorporate new rail connection designs, removal of requirement for back-up ferry berth, and reduction of overbridge size.
Feb 2022 WSP and Jacobs were awarded the Detailed Design contract for the project.
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