Let's Get Wellington Moving program

Let's Get Wellington Moving program

Let's Get Wellington Moving (LGWM) is a program aimed at improving and better integrating Wellington's transport networks. It is a joint initiative between Wellington City Council, Greater Wellington Regional Council, and the NZ Transport Agency.

The Recommended program of Investment includes a 20-year transport plan for Wellington, however, the LGWM program is focusing on four immediate projects, including:

  • Golden Mile
  • Thorndon Quay & Hutt Road
  • the Cobham Drive crossing, and
  • walking improvements in the central city.

Other projects in the Recommended Program of Investment include:

  • mass transit phase one: NZ$990 million (A$948 million) to deliver mass transit from Wellington city to Newtown between 2024 and 2029. 
  • mass transit phase two: NZ$450 million (A$430 million) to extend the mass transit link beyond Newtown to the airport after 2029. 
  • extra Mount Victoria tunnel and widening Ruahine/Wellington Road: NZ$480 million (A$459 million) between 2024 and 2029
  • public transport: NZ$300 million (A$287 million) to enhance the capacity and performance of existing networks by 2024
  • basin reserve improvements: NZ$130 (A$124 million) million towards improving access to the basin by 2024 
  • creating a more walkable city: NZ$70 million (A$67 million) towards improving walkways and public spaces to promote the option of walking by 2024, and
  • connected cycleways: NZ$30 million (A$28.7 million) towards connecting and increasing the network of cycleways by 2024.

Key Dates

2016 Project Announcement

Funding contributions

NZ Government


Procuring Agency: Wellington City Council


2016 Wellington City Council, Greater Wellington Regional Council, and the NZ Transport Agency commenced work to devise a plan for the city's transport networks to ensure it can support forecast economic and population growth in Wellington and surrounding regions.
May 2019 LGWM released a Recommended Program of Investment, outlining a 20-year transport plan for Wellington. It provides details for NZ$6.4 billion (AU$6.13 billion) of proposed investment across a range of projects.
Jun 2019 A draft Business Case Report for the program was released.
Jul 2019 The New Zealand Transport Agency approved funding of NZ$66 million (A$63 million) for the program. This will allow the program to move to the next phase of planning, and will support the development of the early delivery program alongside development of detailed business cases for the more complex components of the program.
Oct 2019 LGWM held an industry briefing which detailed the large components of upcoming business case work for the major projects under the program.
Dec 2019 Wellington City Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council voted on new relationship and funding agreements, including advanced funding to fast track the next stage of business case development.
May 2020 The NZ Transport Agency issued a Request for Proposal to deliver a package of travel behaviour change measures, which can be implemented as part of LGWM program.
Feb 2021 The New Zealand Government announced that, following a review, the program would be changed to focus on projects that can commence construction by 2024. The major projects previously announced as part of the program have been delayed. The NZ Government announced indicative timelines for their completion would be revealed in July 2021.
Apr 2021 The Let’s Get Wellington Moving Partnership Board appointed a Chairperson.
Jun 2021 Providing an update to stakeholders on the short-term horizon, Lets Get Wellington Moving outlined a three-year work program that included Golden Mile, Thorndon Quay & Hutt Road, the Cobham Drive crossing, and walking improvements in the central city. Packaging or contract values for these projects were not confirmed.
Aug 2021 Let's Get Wellington Moving announced that a 10-year, NZ$350 million 'City Streets Package' will be considered by the Wellington City Council, Greater Wellington Regional Council and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency over the coming weeks. LGWM noted that its approval would unlock funding for detailed investigation along nineteen recommended corridors.
Aug 2021 Wellington City Council issued an Advanced Notice for the delivery of the first two works packages under the three-year program. The packages were for Golden Mile and Thorndon Quay & Hutt Road. Tendering on these packages were expected to commence in November.
Sep 2021 Wellington City Council issued a Registration of Interest (ROI) for the first tranche of works under the City Streets package, closing on 23 September.
Sep 2021 Waka Kotahi's 2021-24 National Land Transport Program allocated a combined NZ$159 million to a number of projects including City Streets Package, Thorndon Quay and Hutt Road, Golden Mile redevelopment of Lambton Quay and Willis Street, and Managing Travel Demand package. Further NZ$159 million and NZ$$92 million were allocated for the detailed business case through to implementation of mass rapid transit and State Highway 1 improvements respectively.
Sep 2021 The indicative business case for the implementation of MRT in Wellington concluded that the two modes of MRT to be assessed ahead of the detailed business case would be electric articulated buses and light rail.
Oct 2021 The preferred option and detailed designs for the Golden Mile project were selected. The preferred option 'Transform' will change the road layout to create 75 per cent wider pedestrian spaces, bus lanes and dedicated areas for people on bikes.
Nov 2021 The NZ Government released four options for the Basin Reserve and an extra Mt Victoria Tunnel projects for public engagement. The four options include a south coast light rail and new public transport tunnel, bus rapid transit to the sea and skies, south coast light rail, and south coast light rail via Taranaki.
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