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North East Link - Secondary Package 4

North East Link - Secondary Package 4

The proposed North East Link project will connect the Metropolitan ring road (M80) and Eastern Freeway (M3) completing a ring road around Melbourne which includes the Monash Freeway (M1).

As part of the project there will be upgrades to the M3 and M80, which will be delivered through Secondary Packages. 

While the composition of the secondary packages is still to be determined, Secondary Package 4 is expected to comprise a portion of the upgrades to the M3 planned for the eastern-most section of the Eastern Freeway.


May 2018 The North East Link Business Case indicated there would be two secondary packages - northern and southern packages.
Sep 2018 The Victorian Government released the proposed project packaging at an industry briefing. The project packaging includes the primary package PPP and four secondary packages. The Victorian Government estimated that Package 2 will cost between $500 million and $700 million, depending on the final design.
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Infrastructure Australia status
High Priority Project (medium-term, 5-10 years)