South-East Melbourne Advanced Waste Processing Facility

Under Procurement
South-East Melbourne Advanced Waste Processing Facility

The Victorian Government's Melbourne Waste Resource Recovery Group (MWRRG) is seeking 'advanced waste processing' services for residual municipal solid waste for a group of 16 municipal councils in Melbourne's south-east over a period of 20 to 25 years.

The MWRRG expects the contract to involve around $650 million of investment in new waste processing facilities. Collectively, the facilities will be expected to process around 500,000 tonnes per year of residual municipal solid waste by 2021, increasing to around 700,000 tonnes per year by 2046.

Key Dates

Mar 2020 EOIs Open
Apr 2020 EOIs Close
2022 Expected Contract Award
2023 Expected Construction Commencement


Procuring Agency: South East Metropolitan Advanced Waste Processing
Shortlist: Veolia Environmental Services Australia, Sacyr Environment Australia, and Pacific Partnerships and REMONDIS (in a consortium with CPB Contractors and UGL).


Mar 2020 Expressions of Interest (EOIs) were called for the project, closing on 8 April. Bidders were required to propose a technology solution for managing waste, and show their previous experience in building and maintaining social licence for advanced waste processing solutions.
Jun 2020 The MWRRG announced three shortlisted bidders from the EOI process. The shortlisted bidders will work with the councils to develop an ‘advanced waste processing solution’. MWRRG noted the procurement process is expected to take up to two years.
Oct 2021 The Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group announced that councils in Melbourne's south east region have created a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) called the South East Metropolitan Advanced Waste Processing Pty Ltd. The SPV will take over from the MWRRG as the procuring entity for the advanced waste processing facility and manage the facility's contract on an ongoing basis.
Nov 2021 The South East Metropolitan Advanced Waste Processing Group released a Request for Tender to shortlisted respondents Orbis Energy, Sacyr, and Veolia. The respondents have been taking part in a ‘solution development phase’ with the project proponent. The contract is expected to be awarded by the end of 2022. In addition, it was confirmed Hallam landfill is set to close in 2025.
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