Strzelecki Track Upgrade

Detailed Planning
Strzelecki Track Upgrade

The Strzelecki Track is a 472 kilometre unsealed rural road that links the towns of Lyndhurst to Innamincka in the north-east of South Australia.  

The project will involve the upgrade and sealing of the Strzelecki Track and the 26 kilometre Adventure Way road link from Innamincka to the Queensland border. Once completed, the project will comprise of:

  •  a new two lane road (3.5 metre lane width) with 1.0 metre sealed shoulders, constructed mainly on the existing alignment; and
  •  targeted floodway works along the road and a major bridge structure over the Strzelecki Creek.


Key Dates

Dec 2020 Expected Construction Commencement

Funding contributions

SA Government


Sep 2015 Infrastructure Australia announced that the Strzelecki Track upgrade and sealing project achieved an "early stage" rating on their Infrastructure Priority List.
Feb 2016 The Strzelecki Track sealing and mobile coverage project was identified as a Priority Initiative by Infrastructure Australia.
Jun 2020 The South Australian Government announced it is investing $10 million to seal the first 50-kilometres of the track, beginning immediately north of Lyndhurst.
Estimated Total Cost
Procurement approach
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Infrastructure Australia status
Priority Initiative (near-term, 0-5 years)