Urannah Dam

Detailed Planning
Urannah Dam

The Urannah Dam project will be located on the Broken River, 80 kilometres west of Mackay in Central Queensland, and will involve the construction of:

  • a gravity-fed dam with water storage capacity of up to 970 gigalitres
  • 200 kilometres of pipeline network to Morenah
  • an irrigated agricultural development area of up to 20,000 hectares
  • pumped hydro-electric power storage and power generation infrastructure, and
  • ancillary works and infrastructure.

Key Dates

Jul 2022 Expected Construction Commencement

Funding contributions

Federal Government


Jun 2019 The Bowen Collinsville Enterprise submitted the Preliminary Business Case to the Queensland Government.
Dec 2019 The Federal Government provided $10 million to the Bowen Collinsville Enterprise to develop a Detailed Business Case and Environmental Impact Statement. The funding was provided from the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund.
May 2020 The Queensland Government declared the project as a Coordinated Project.
Jul 2021 The Federal Government committed a further $12.65 million towards the business case for the project, bringing its total contribution to $22.65 million.
Mar 2022 The Federal Government committed $483 million in funding for the construction of the Urannah Dam component of the project, representing 50 per cent of the dam's construction costs. The funding comes from the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund. The remaining 50 per cent of the dam costs are expected to be covered through user charges by Bowen River Utilities, with funding for the remainder of the project - approximately $2 billion - unclear. The Federal Government also announced further scope details of the project. The dam's proposed capacity is now 970 gigalitres, previously 1,500 gigalitres as described in the preferred option of the preliminary business case, and the irrigated agricultural development area is now 20,000 hectares, previously scoped as up to 25,000 hectares.
Estimated Total Cost
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