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West Package - Little Hartley to Lithgow

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West Package - Little Hartley to Lithgow

The NSW Government is upgrading the Great Western Highway between Katoomba and Lithgow. The upgrade is being delivered across three primary packages: 

  • Central Package - Blackheath to Little Hartley 
  • East Package - Katoomba to Blackheath, and
  • West Package - Little Hartley to Lithgow

The West Package comprises an upgrade to a four-lane divided highway of 14 kilometres between Little Hartley and Lithgow.

A construct only contract for the Cox’s River Road section is currently under procurement in a separate process.

Key Dates

Mar 2023 Expected Construction Commencement - Cox River Road upgrade


Procuring Agency: Transport for NSW
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Successful Tenderer - Ertech

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Successful Tenderer - Ausconnex


Apr 2022 Transport for NSW opened Registrations of Interest for the Coxs River Road Construct only contract.
May 2022 Transport for NSW opened registrations for participation in a Market interaction process for the East and West packages.
Jul 2022 Transport for NSW commenced a Registration of Interest (ROI) process for the design and construction contracts for the East and West packages on the Great Western Highway Upgrade Program (GWHUP). The ROI for the West package comprises a four-lane 11.9-kilometre divided carriageway upgrade between Little Hartley and Lithgow. ROIs close on 18 August.
Aug 2022 Transport for NSW issued the Request for Tender for construction of the Coxs River Road package to shortlisted bidders, closing on the 7th of October.
Sep 2022 Ausconnex was awarded the early works package for the Cox River Road upgrade.
Feb 2023 Ertech was awarded the construction contract for the Cox River Road upgrade.
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