Welcome to the Australia & New Zealand Infrastructure Pipeline.

The Australia & New Zealand Infrastructure Pipeline (ANZIP) provides a detailed and informed picture of upcoming greenfield and brownfield infrastructure investment or major construction opportunities, across the two countries.

This dedicated and independent resource segments greenfield and brownfield infrastructure from early stage, prospective projects or divestments, through to final contract award.

In this way, ANZIP provides infrastructure investors, contractors and jurisdictions with a clear picture of likely and confirmed infrastructure activity, across Australia and New Zealand.

ANZIP provides improved transparency about what infrastructure activity will occur where – and also provides a likely or confirmed time line – allowing the market to prepare the financial and human resources needed.

ANZIP is a central portal, with links through to government planning documents, budgets and other materials and resources to provide a dynamic, holistic view of the infrastructure pipeline.  

ANZIP is a joint initiative between the Australian & New Zealand Governments – and Infrastructure Partnerships Australia – an independent infrastructure intelligence unit.

ANZIP is focused only on major infrastructure activity, above the following thresholds:


Construction projects: > AUD$300m

Investable greenfield & brownfield: > AUD$100m

New Zealand

All greenfield and brownfield projects and divestments: > NZD $100 million

Welcome to the Australia & New Zealand Infrastructure Pipeline!
The Australia & New Zealand Infrastructure Pipeline (ANZIP) details greenfield investment and construction projects, and major brownfield infrastructure transactions.

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