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Project Updated   23 Nov

Flotation Energy have proposed the Seadragon Offshore Wind Farm, which would be a 1.5-gigawatt offshore wind farm located in the Bass Strait off the Gippsland coast in Victoria.

STATUS: Detailed Planning
Status Changed   22 Nov

The Orana Battery Energy Storage System, proposed by Akaysha Energy, includes the construction and operation of a 200-400 megawatt (MW) battery energy storage system (BESS) and ancillary infrastructure. The BESS will provide up to 8 hours or 1600 megawatt hours (MWh) of energy storage.

The Project is located within the Central-West Orana Renewable Energy Zone (REZ), approximately 2 kilometres north-east of Wellington within the Dubbo Local Government Area (LGA).

STATUS: Announced
Project Updated   22 Nov

The Sydney Biomedical Accelerator (SBA) is a proposed health, education and research precinct to be co-located at the Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) Hospital – Gloucester House and Sydney University’s Camperdown campus. The precinct will connect to the Susan Wakil Health Building (SWHB), which opened in 2021 and is not a part of the SBA. The scope of the works includes: 

  • a new mortuary and anatomy teaching facility
  • several levels of Modular Wet lab research facilities (PC2 & PC3 labs)
  • core research facilities
  • a new expanded loading dock to serve both the SWHB and the SBA
  • back of house and storage facilities, and
  • a range of campus and public domain facilities and connections.

The precinct will be comprised of three buildings as follows:

  • Building A (RPAH): Retention of Gloucester House and internal refurbishment for dry research support space and clinics 
  • Building B (RPAH): circa 8,000m2 over eight floors, and 
  • Isaac Wakil Biomedical Building (University): circa 28,200m2 over eight floors.

The project is a partnership between the University, the Sydney Local Health District and the NSW Government, in collaboration with the Centenary Institute.

STATUS: Announced
Status Changed   22 Nov

The Lower Fitzroy River Infrastructure Project (LFRIP) involves the provision of new water storage infrastructure on the Fitzroy to meet future water demands and improve water security. The reference project for the business case involves construction of a new weir at Rookwood, capable of supplying 86,000 megalitres of water per annum.

The proposed Rookwood Weir site is located on the Fitzroy River, 66 kilometres south-west of Rockhampton. Other infrastructure required includes augmentation to and construction of access roads, low level bridges upstream at Riverslea and Foleyvale crossings and installation of culverts at Hanrahan Crossing downstream.

STATUS: Operational
Project Updated   22 Nov

The Liddell Battery project comprises the development of a proposed 500-megawatt (MW), two gigawatt-hour (GWh) grid-scale battery on the site of Liddell power station which will retire in 2023.

The proposed project also includes ancilliary works to Bayswater power station and decoupling works to faciliate new connections ahead of the retirement of the Liddell power station. 

The battery is expected to be constructed in stages with the first stage to be operational by 2023.

Construction works would include: 

  • Cut and fill to Battery compound, Transformer compounds, footings and construction laydown area
  • Trenching and installation of cable from Battery to 330 kV / 33 kV transformer compounds
  • Structural works to support Battery enclosures, inverters, transformers, buildings and transformer compounds
  • Delivery, installation and electrical fit-out of the Battery
  • Delivery installation and fit out of transformers and ancillary equipment for Decoupling works
  • Testing and commissioning activities 
  • Installation, maintenance and access works 
  • Demolition or deconstruction of existing equipment  
  • Establishment of a hardstand pad and construction laydown areas
STATUS: Announced
Project Updated   20 Nov

Marinus Link will see a second undersea electricity connection constructed between Tasmania and Victoria, with supporting transmission infrastructure. The project is being developed by TasNetworks, and would operate in addition to the existing Basslink interconnector.

The full scope of the project includes the delivery of 1.5 gigawatts of transmission lines between Burnie in Tasmania and Hazelwood in Victoria, with supporting network augmentations in Tasmania.

The project is being delivered over two stages:

  • Stage One: the first 750-megawatt transmission line ($2.9 billion), and
  • Stage Two: a second 750-megawatt transmission line ($2.2 billion). 

The components of the project include:

  • around 250 kilometres of undersea cables
  • 90 kilometres of underground cables, and
  • converter stations at both ends.

Stage Two, comprising the second 750 MW HVDC cable, may proceed subject to market operators needs and development of additional dispatchable capacity in Tasmania.

STATUS: Under Procurement
Status Changed   20 Nov
part of Western Harbour Tunnel

The Western Harbour Tunnel will be the second road tunnel under Sydney Harbour. The tunnel will connect the WestConnex Rozelle Interchange with the Warringah Freeway at Cammeray. Once complete and pending the construction of the proposed Beaches Link, there will be a continuous connection from WestConnex at Rozelle to Sydney’s Northern Beaches. 

Stage Two includes tunnelling between Birchgrove and the Warringah Freeway at Cammeray. Included in the project scope is:

  • construction of approximately 4.8 kilomtres of tunnelling 
  • harbour marine work, and 
  • tunnel fit out

The harbour crossing section of tunnellling will be completed using tunnel boring machines. Remaining tunnelling will be completed using roadheaders. 

STATUS: Under Delivery
Project Updated   20 Nov

The North West Transmission Developments project (NWTD) will see the development of new and upgraded overhead high voltage alternating current transmission lines, linking substations at Palmerston, Sheffield, Burnie, Hampshire and Staverton.

The full scope of works for the project is:

  • 180 km of double circuit transmission lines
  • approximately 390 new towers
  • upgrades to three substations (Burnie, Sheffield and Palmerston), and
  • one new switching station at Hampshire Hills

The project is being delivered over two stages:

  • Stage One: NWTD transmission upgrades between Palmerston-Sheffield-Heybridge, Stowport to Burnie ($950 million), and
  • Stage Two: NWTD transmission upgrades from Staverton to Hampshire Hills ($550 million).

The upgrades will be delivered over eight indicative sections:

  • Palmerston to Sheffield – 190 towers over 80 kilometres
  • Sheffield to Heybridge – 95 towers over 42 kilometres
  • Stowport to Heybridge – 18 towers over 3.2 kilometres
  • Stowport to Burnie – 14 towers over five kilometres
  • Burnie to East Cam – 13 towers over 4.6 kilometres
  • East Cam to Highclere – 28 towers over 15.2 kilometres
  • Highclere to Hampshire – 20 towers over 9.3 kilometres, and
  • Staverton to Sheffield – upgrade of existing towers over 18.6 kilometres.
STATUS: Under Procurement

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