Additional VLocity Trains

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Additional VLocity Trains

In 2019, the Victorian Government announced an expansion of the VLocity Train capacity, servicing Victoria's regional centres. Three seperate expansions have been ordered, constituting a total of 53 new VLocity Trains at a cost of $1.2 billion.

The additional 53 VLocity Trains since 2019 will bring the total Victorian VLocity fleet to 141 trains.

Key Dates

May 2019 Project Announcement
Sep 2020 Contract Award: First set of VLocity Trains
May 2023 Contract Award: 23 Additional VLocity Trains
Mar 2024 Construction Commencement: 23 Additional VLocity Trains
2028 Expected Construction Completion

Funding contributions

Victorian Government


Procuring Agency: Victorian Department of Transport
Successful Tenderer: Alstom


May 2019 The 2019-20 Victorian Budget confirmed $340 million allocated towards the project to deliver 18 additional VLocity Trains from Bombardier.
Jan 2022 Alstom completed its acquisition of Bombardier, assuming responsibility to deliver the additional VLocity Trains.
May 2022 The Victorian Government allocated an additional $250 million in the 2022-23 Budget to purchase and additional 12 VLocity trains.
May 2023 In the 2023-24 Victorian Budget, the Government allocated $601 million to commission an additional 23 VLocity trains to service the Melton Line through an extension of its existing contract with Alstom.
Mar 2024 The Victorian Government announced that Alstom had commenced manufacturing on the 23 additional VLocity Trains ordered in May 2023 for the Melton Line.
Estimated Total Cost
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