Aldoga Solar Farm

Aldoga Solar Farm

The Aldoga Solar Farm Project is a solar farm to be located in Aldoga – approximately 20 kilometres north-west of Gladstone, in Central Queensland. The proposed peak capacity of the farm is 600 megawatts (MW). The farm is proposed to be connected to the National Electricity Market through Larcom Creek Terminal Station, located within the solar farm site.

The scope of the project comprises the delivery of:

  • solar photovoltaic (PV) modules
  • module mounting/tracking systems
  • inverters
  • a step-up transformer
  • an onsite sub-station
  • access tracks
  • underground cabling and monitoring equipment, and
  • an overhead transmission line to the nearby Larcom Creek Terminal Station.

Project delivery is expected to occur in stages, with first stage expected to provide a peak capacity of 315 megawatts, and the second stage expected to support the development of Gladstone’s green hydrogen industry.

Key Dates

Apr 2018 Project Announcement
Dec 2023 Expected Construction Commencement
Jul 2025 Expected Construction Completion


Procuring Agency: ACCIONA


Apr 2018 Economic Development Queensland selected ACCIONA through a competitive procurement process to develop, finance, construct and operate the solar farm through a 30-year land lease agreement.
May 2019 Queensland Coordinator-General approved the initial development application for the Project.
Feb 2020 Economic Development Queensland approved a variation to ACCIONA’s lease, to allow them to investigate renewable hydrogen production as part of the project. The variation allowed an additional 24 months to explore feasibility.
Nov 2020 On 27 November 2020, Acciona submitted a State Development Application (SDA) MCU to the Coordinator General, Department of State Development of Tourism and Innovation (DSDTI) to facilitate the development of a larger solar farm that utilises additional land. This will allow for the additional solar photovoltaic capacity to increase from 250MWAC to 480 MW.
Jul 2021 The Queensland Government approved a Material Change of Use application put forward by ACCIONA Energia to expand Aldoga Solar Farm. The approval enabled an increase in the peak generation capacity of the proposed facility from 480 MW to 600 MW, and the total estimated cost of the project to $550 million. This approval also enabled the project site to expand, and to include an area surrounding Larcom Creek Terminal Station in Gladstone, in addition to the area assigned in 2019.
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