Australian Renewable Energy Hub

Detailed Planning
Australian Renewable Energy Hub

The Australiana Renewable Energy Hub proposes the construction and operation of a 26 gigawatt (GW) wind and solar hybrid renewable energy project, to be situated in the Pilbara region in north-west Western Australia.

The proposal would aim to export ammonia overseas and includes up to three GW of generation capacity which will be dedicated for energy users in the Pilbara region and up to 23 GW of generation for production of green hydrogen and green ammonia for export.

The project is being led by BP, CWP Energy Asia and InterContinental Energy.

Key Dates

Jan 2025 Final investment decision expected
Jan 2026 Expected Construction Commencement
Jan 2036 Expected Construction Completion


BP: 63.6 per cent equity stake

Intercontinental Energy: 26.4 per cent stake 

CWP Global: 10 per cent stake



Procuring Agency: BP


May 2020 WA EPA recommended environmental approval to be granted subject to conditions.
Oct 2020 WA Government granted environmental approval for Stage One of the project.
Nov 2020 The project's scope shifted to produce ammonia for export instead of electricity through undersea cables. Previously, the proposal involved the construction of up to 1,743 wind turbines, up to 2,000 megawatts of solar panels, above and below ground transmission cables, and four subsea power cables to transfer electricity to Singapore.
Jun 2021 The Federal Minster for the Environment declined to provide environmental approval for the expanded proposal for the project. The ruling was made prior to the completion of detailed environmental studies.
Jun 2022 BP agreed to acquire a 40.5 per cent equity stake and become the operator of the AREH from 1 July 2022.
Mar 2024 BP acquired Macquarie Group's 14 per cent equity stake in the project, bringing their total equity share to 64 per cent.
Procurement approach
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