Australia-Asia Power Link

Detailed Planning
Australia-Asia Power Link

The Australia-Asia Power Link is a proposed project to be developed by Sun Cable, which will supply dispatchable renewable electricity to Darwin and the ASEAN region. The proposal includes the integration of a 17 to 20-gigawatt peak solar farm and 36 to 42-gigawatt hour battery storage facility near Tennant Creek, Northern Territory.

The project would supply dispatchable renewable energy to Darwin and Singapore via a 4,200-kilometre high-voltage direct current transmission network extending from the solar farm and storage facility to Singapore. The full transmission system will total approximately 5,000 kilometres in length.

Key Dates

Jul 2019 Project Announcement
2024 Expected Financial Close
Jun 2024 Expected Construction Commencement
Dec 2027 Expected Construction Completion


Equity Finance: Grok Ventures and Squadron Energy

The capital raise was led by Grok Ventures and Squadron Energy, which are co-lead investors in the project.


Procuring Agency: Sun Cable
Related contracts:
Successful Tenderer - Project Delivery

Successful Tenderer - HVDC Transmission

Macquarie Capital, Moelis & Company, and MA Financial Group
Successful Tenderer - Joint Financial Advisers

Successful Tenderer - Risk Management

Successful Tenderer - Project Advisory

Successful Tenderer - Solar Generation System


Jul 2019 The Northern Territory Government granted the project Major Project status, requiring Sun Cable to prepare an Environmental Impact Assessment.
Nov 2019 Sun Cable announced the completion of a $50 million Series A capital raising.
Jul 2020 The Federal Government granted the project Major Project status.
Dec 2020 A survey of 750 kilometres of the sea floor out to the Australian Maritime Border was completed. The survey for the remainder of the 3,800 kilometre route for the electricity interconnector was scheduled to commence in the first quarter of 2021.
Jan 2021 The Northern Territory Government and Sun Cable signed a Project Development Agreement. The agreement enables the finalisation of land tenure and commercial arrangements ahead of the project's financial close.
Sep 2021 The Indonesian Government approved a route for the transmission cables through Indonesian waters and granted a subsea survey permit. Separately, Sun Cable indicated that project cost increased to more than A$30 billion from the previous cost estimate of A$22 billion. The scope of the project was also expanded, with the peak capacity of the solar farm growing to 17 to 20 gigawatts and battery storage increasing from 30 gigawatt-hours to 36 to 42 gigawatt-hours.
Oct 2021 Sun Cable announced the appointment of the project's Integrated Project Delivery Team, which includes Bechtel, SMEC, Hatch, PwC and Marsh.
Mar 2022 Sun Cable announced the completion of a $210 million Series B capital raising with existing shareholders to finance the Australia-Asia Power Link as well as other assets in the company's portfolio.
Apr 2022 The NT Environment Protection Authority opened public consultation on the project's Environmental Impact Statement. Consultation closes on 15 July 2022.
May 2022 The NT Government passed legislation to enable the project.
Jul 2022 Sun Cable appointed Macquarie Capital, Moelis & Company and MA Financial Group as Joint Financial Advisers on the project.
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