Australian War Memorial Redevelopment

Under Procurement
Australian War Memorial Redevelopment

The redevelopment will increase visitor areas by 83 per cent or around 10,000 square metres to expand the exhibition and public program space. The project will include:

  • a new temporary exhibition space
  • improved visitor orientation, wayfinding, and amenities
  • areas for respite and reflection
  • new education facilities
  • a theatre and functions space
  • a space to be used by veterans' organisations, and
  • two electronic displays.

Key Dates

2018 Project Announcement
2019 Construction Commencement
Jan 2021 EOIs Open
2021 Southern entrance works expected to commence
2022 Southern entrance works expected completion
2023 Several project components expected to open
2024 Construction commencement: main building lower refurbishments
2024 Expected construction commencement: galleries
2025 Construction commencement: main building upper refurbishments
2028 Expected Construction Completion

Funding contributions

Federal Government


Aug 2018 The War Memorial held a public consultation on the redevelopment plans.
Nov 2018 Federal Government announced funding of $498 million over nine years for the redevelopment.
Nov 2019 Official development plans for the project unveiled. The plans were open for public feedback for one month. The Memorial also established an onsite information gallery where the detailed plans were on display.
Nov 2019 The Australian War Memorial (AWM) submitted a ‘referral under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act 1999, including a Heritage Impact Assessment, to determine if the plans require formal assessment and approval’.
Nov 2019 The project was referred to the Department of Environment and Energy for consideration under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act).
Dec 2019 The project was declared a ‘controlled action’, requiring an assessment decision under the Act.
Dec 2019 Following the release of the development plans, the War Memorial announced that it would hold a series of community consultation sessions in each Australian state and territory.
Apr 2020 The Governor-General referred the War Memorial development project to the Joint Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works. The Committee received 77 submissions.
2020 Anzac Hall preparations commenced.
Jul 2020 The second phase of EPBC Act consultation began.
Jan 2021 The Australian War Memorial issued a request for Expressions of Interest for Construction Contractors for Main Works Packages One, Two and Three.
Jun 2021 The Australian War Memorial received approval from the National Capital Authority to proceed with the early works package for its redevelopment project.
Jul 2021 The Australian War Memorial reissued the Request for Expressions of Interest for Construction Contractors for Main Works Packages One and Three. Under the previous EOI process commenced in January, several shortlisted respondents withdrew their bid for these works packages due to other work priorities. The Australian War Memorial thus reopened the EOI process to increase the number of shortlisted respondents.
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