Ballarat Base Hospital Redevelopment

Ballarat Base Hospital Redevelopment

The redevelopment of the Ballarat Base Hospital will include:

  • a new emergency department
  • a modernised acute mental health facility
  • expanding the intensive care unit
  • a women's and children's hub
  • a central energy plant
  • a new pharmacy
  • 100 extra inpatient and short stay beds
  • expanding the operating theatre complex, and
  • a new day treatment centre.

Key Dates

May 2018 Project Announcement
Dec 2020 EOIs Open
Dec 2020 EOIs Close
Mar 2021 Expected Contract Award
Aug 2022 Expected Construction Commencement
Jul 2027 Expected Construction Completion

Funding contributions

Victorian Government


Procuring Agency: Victorian Health Building Authority
Related contracts:
Principal Architect
Successful Tenderer - Lyons

Principal Engineers
Successful Tenderer - LCI


May 2018 The 2018-19 Victorian Budget allocated $461.6 million to redevelop the Ballarat Base Hospital. The funding is sourced from the sale of Victoria's share in Snowy Hydro Corporation.
May 2019 The 2019-20 Victorian Budget confirmed the Government's $461.6 million commitment to the Hospital. $5.8 million was allocated to FY2019-20 with the remaining funding to be spent out to FY2025-26.
Dec 2020 The Victorian Government announced an additional $80 million for the project, bringing the total cost to $541.6 million. This will allow a new central energy plant to be built to support the hospital.
Dec 2020 The Victorian Government released Expressions of Interest for the Arichitect as Principal Consultant and Building Services Engineering Consultant.
Dec 2020 The Victorian Government commenced community consultation for the project, releasing a survey for locals to share views on the development of the hospital.
Jun 2021 The Victorian Health Building Authority appointed Lyons as the principal architect and LCI as the principal engineers for stages two and three of the Ballarat Base Hospital redevelopment.
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