Battery of the Nation

Detailed Planning
Battery of the Nation

The Battery of the Nation initiative (BotN), being led by Hydro Tasmania, is investigating and developing options to expand renewable storage and generation in Tasmania. 

Focusing on pumped hydro energy storage (PHES), BotN would also require upgrades to transmission and interconnection to the NEM through the complementary Marinus Link project.

Key Dates

Feb 2019 Project Announcement

Funding contributions

Federal Government
Tasmanian Government

The Tasmanian Government's commitment has come through Hydro Tasmania.


Feb 2019 The Federal Government, through Hydro Tasmania, committed $30 million to take the first phase of Battery of the Nation to investment stage by 2021.
Mar 2019 An ARENA-funded concept study reduced a list of over 2,000 potential pumped hydro options in Tasmania to 14. Hydro Tasmania further narrowed the options to three: - Lake Cethana in Tasmania's North West, with 12 hours of storage capacity - Lake Rowallan, also in the North West, with 24 hours of storage capacity, and - Tribute Power Station on Tasmania's West Coast, with 31 hours of storage by establishing a new connection between Lake Plimsoll and Lake Murchison.
Apr 2020 Hydro Tasmania released a series of brief papers supporting the case for 'deep storage' as part of the future energy market. The papers were jointly funded by ARENA.
Dec 2020 Hydro Tasmania selected Lake Cethana as the preferred option for a pumped hydro site.
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