Burdekin Falls Dam Raising and Improvement

Burdekin Falls Dam Raising and Improvement

The Burdekin Falls Dam Raising project involves:

  • raising the existing dam by two  metres to increase the storage capacity by 590,000 megalitres to a total of 2,446,000 megalitres
  • raising of the spillway, abutments and saddle dams, and
  • adjusting the spillway apron and possible changes to the access road alignment.

Key Dates

Jun 2020 Project Announcement
2025 Expected Construction Commencement


Jun 2020 Sunwater submitted a Preliminary Business Case to Building Queensland for the Dam Raising and Improvement Projects.
Aug 2020 The Queensland Government declared the Burdekin Falls Dam Raising Project a Coordinated Project and announced that a Detailed Business Case into both the Raising and Improvement Projects would be developed by Building Queensland and Sunwater. Sunwater also commenced the EIS process through the Queensland Coordinator-General.
Dec 2020 The Queensland Government released the draft terms of reference for public comment, ahead of the Environmental Impact Statement preparation. Public comments closed 29 January 2021.
Dec 2020 The 2020-21 Queensland Budget allocated $150 million to Sunwater and Seqwater for Dam Improvement Programs. Part of this funding will be allocated towards delivering the Detailed Business Case.
Dec 2022 The Queensland Government announced that it endorses the raising of Burdekin Falls Dam by two meters.
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