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NSW Central-West Orana REZ

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NSW Central-West Orana REZ

The Central-West Orana Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) aims to unlock up to 3,000 megawatts of new renewable generation.

The Central-West Orana region was selected as the first REZ due to level of planning and investment in renewable energy projects already underway, with around 4,500 megawatts of renewable projects either approved or in the planning system.

The precise location of the Central-West Orana REZ will be determined through industry and community consultation, and further input gained during the tender process.

Key Dates

May 2020 ROIs for the development of projects in the REZ opened.
Jun 2020 ROIs for the development of projects in the REZ closed.
Dec 2021 ROIs Open
Jan 2022 ROIs Close
Dec 2022 Construction of projects in the REZ expected to commence.

Funding contributions

NSW Government

The NSW Government's contribution is to develop the REZ, including the establishment of the Energy Corporation of NSW, which will coordinate the development of the REZ.


Procuring Agency: Energy Corporation of NSW
Tenderers (EOI/ROI): Registrations of Interest opened for proponents of potential renewable energy and energy storage projects in the region to provide an indication of the scale, location and types of projects being considered for the REZ.


May 2020 ROIs for renewable generation and storage projects in the REZ opened, closing 5 June.
Jun 2020 The NSW Government revealed 113 Registrations of Interest (ROIs) were received, with proposals representing an estimated 27 gigawatts of total capacity.
Feb 2021 Community engagement commences.
Mar 2021 The NSW Government released the Central-West Orana REZ Access Scheme Issues Paper for public consultation. The Paper identifies the key features of the REZ's transmission project.
Dec 2021 The NSW Government invited Registrations of Interest for the Project's Network Operator role.
Jan 2022 Registrations of Interest for the Project's Network Operator role closed.
Procurement approach
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Infrastructure Australia status
High Priority Initiative (medium-term, 5-10 years)
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