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Geelong Fast Rail

Geelong Fast Rail

Geelong to Melbourne Fast Rail project forms part of Federal Government's National Faster Rail Plan. While the project is jointly funded by Federal and Victorian Governments, the project delivery will be undertaken by Victorian Government under the Western Rail Plan, and overseen by Rail Projects Victoria.

Passenger rail services between Geelong and Southern Cross Station take approximately one hour at an average speed of between 70 and 80 kilometres per hour. A report by the Victorian Auditor-General shows that during
peak hour, the current rail service is often over capacity.

The Fast Rail project will take a more direct route between the two cities, bypassing Sunshine in Melbourne’s west and instead travelling through Werribee. This new Werribee corridor will reduce the journey by up to eight kilometres, resulting in a shorter journey time of approximately 50 minutes, with the potential to fall below 40 minutes upon completion of all stages. The project’s major efficiencies will be delivered by Stage One through the development of tracks dedicated to regional services between Werribee and Laverton. 

The project will be delivered in stages, with only details for stage one between Werribee and Newport so far announced.

Stage One of the project between Werribee and Newport will include: 

  • new track dedicated to regional services (between Werribee and Laverton)
  • upgrades to bridges over main roads
  • station upgrades at Werribee and Laverton
  • new bridges and culverts over creeks and rivers, and
  • signalling and train control system upgrades. 

Key Dates

Mar 2019 Project Announcement
Jan 2023 Expected Construction Commencement

Funding contributions

Federal Government
Victorian Government


Procuring Agency: Rail Projects Victoria
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Technical Advisory Services
Successful Tenderer - GHD and AECOM joint venture (AGP)


Oct 2018 Victorian Government announced the Western Rail Plan. $50 million was allocated in the 2018-19 State Budget for planning.
Mar 2019 Federal Government announced that it will provide $2 billion in funding for Fast Rail to Geelong.
May 2019 The 2019-20 Victorian Budget provided an additional $100 million to complete planning and design works to deliver full separation of regional and metro services on the Geelong and Ballarat lines, as committed during the 2018 State election campaign. This is on top of the $50 million allocated in the 2018-19 Budget for faster rail to Geelong.
May 2021 Rail Projects Victoria issued an Advanced Tender Notice for Technical Advisory Services to support the development and delivery of Geelong Fast Rail and elements of Western Rail Plan.
Apr 2022 Rail Projects Victoria awarded a GHD and AECOM Joint Venture the project's Technical Advisory Services contract.
May 2022 The 2022-23 Victorian Budget allocated $124 million in planned capital expenditure in FY2022-23, but no further profile or total costs were revealed.
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