H2TAS Renewable Hydrogen and Ammonia Facility

H2TAS Renewable Hydrogen and Ammonia Facility

The H2TAS Renewable Hydrogen and Ammonia Facility is a hydrogen and ammonia production plant proposed by Woodside Energy to be located in Long Reach, in the North West of Tasmania. 

Once complete the project would be capable of 750 megawatts (MW) of electrolysis for hydrogen and ammonia production. The project is proposed to be completed in two phases:

Phase 1: electrolysis capacity of up to 350 MW, producing approximately 220,000 tonnes of ammonia per year.

Phase 2: electrolysis capacity of up to 400MW, producing approximately 580,000 tonnes of ammonia per year. 

The project will source water from the nearby River Tamar.

Key Dates

Nov 2021 Project Announcement


Jan 2021 Woodisde signed a memorandum of Understanding with the Tasmanian Government in support of the project.
May 2021 Woodside announced a project consortium under a Heads of Agreement with Japanese companies Marubeni Corporation and IHI Corporation.
Nov 2021 Woodside announced that land for the project's site has been secured. The site is located in Austrak Business park in Bell Bay, north west Tasmania.
Apr 2022 Woodside released a Notice of Intent with a revised project scope and a new site location. The revised project has 750MW of electrolysis capacity, down from 1.7GW detailed in the previous proposal, and is to be located slightly north of the previous site, but remain in the same area.
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