Lachlan's Line Education Campus

Under Procurement
Lachlan's Line Education Campus

Lachlan's Line Macquarie Park Education Campus will see a secondary school with a capacity of 2,040 students and a primary school with a capacity of 1,021 students constructed alongside a mixed-use development precinct on a site currently owned by Landcom at Macquarie Park.

Both primary and secondary campus’ will be required to be delivered as integrated vertical schools. Other scope details stipulated by SINSW include:

  • a minimum of six-square metres per student of open space on-site and an additional four-square metres per student of open space within a five to eight minute walk of the site
  • on-site sports playing fields, and
  • the school footprint may be flexible to suit site conditions.

A concept design released by SINSW includes the following scope details:

  • Primary school: five storeys and a roof consisting of:
    • level three: staff and administration (one level)
    • levels four to seven: learning floors (four levels), and
    • level seven: shared play space (one level).
  • High school: seven storeys and a roof consisting of:
    • level two: staff and administration (one level)
    • levels three to eight: learning floors (six levels)
    • level seven: shared play space (one level), and
    • open play area of 5,917 square metres.

Key Dates

Oct 2022 EOIs Open
Nov 2022 EOIs Close
2026 Expected Construction Completion


Procuring Agency: Schools Infrastructure NSW
Adviser (Govt): Paxon - Commercial Adviser
Procurement note:

Schools Infrastructure NSW’s (SINSW) proposed delivery model is to sign a project development agreement (PDA) with a partner, who will deliver the school and mixed-use residential property. Following the signing of the PDA, the Landcom-owned site will be divested to the development partner. Upon completion of school construction, SINSW will take occupancy of, and operate and maintain both schools via either a turnkey or milestone payment structure; or through a lease of at least 40 years. The value of the payment(s) or lease will be the amount required by the partner to achieve a ‘project development return metric’. By using this model, SINSW are attempting to ‘capture the value’ generated by the co-location of the schools and mixed-use residential properties to defray the cost of the school construction. A gainshare mechanism will also be implemented to enable SINSW to share in any development profit over and above original forecast.

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