Launceston General Hospital Redevelopment

Launceston General Hospital Redevelopment

The Tasmanian Government has announced a major redevelopment of the Launceston General Hospital. The project is expected to be undertaken over the 20 years to 2041, with works to be undertaken in three stages. Works will include a new mental health services precinct, a new tower to provide additional ward capacity, an administrative and learning hub, and a specialised inpatient unit for elderly patients.

Stage One will include: 

  • a new administrative and learning hub
  • nine negative pressure rooms in the Acute Medical Unit
  • a new central processing unit
  • fitout of levels three and five of Charles Street Tower for women’s and children’s outpatient services
  • the refurbishment of Ward 3D into a dedicated older persons' inpatient unit
  • redesigning the Emergency Department airlock
  • new coronary care unit, and
  • commencement of planning for a new mental health services precinct. 

Stage Two will consist of:

  • preparation and demolition works for the Anne O’Byrne site, where the new mental health services precinct will be built
  • additional negative pressure rooms in the Acute Medical Unit
  • relocation of Infusion Services from the Day Procedure Unit
  • improved facilities for Neurology Services, and
  • preparation and demolition works for the Northside tower site.

Stage Three (and beyond) will entail:

  • construction of a new tower on the Northside site
  • expansion of inpatient units
  • establishment of a theatre complex
  • expansion of the Pharmacy, Pathology and Holman Clinic, and
  • a new hospital front entrance. 

Key Dates

Jun 2018 Project Announcement
2024 Expected Construction Commencement
2032 Expected Construction Completion

Funding contributions

Tasmanian Government


Jun 2018 As part of its 2018-19 Budget, the Tasmanian Government allocated $87 million over six years for planning and capital works in the LGH precinct.
May 2021 The Tasmanian Government announced an additional $580 million over ten years. The 2021 Draft Precinct Masterplan was also released, providing details of planned works across three stages.
Aug 2021 Tasmania's 2021-22 Budget allocated $12 million over the four years to the Mental Health Clinic as part of Stage One of the project. The Budget also announced funding for the $500 million Stage Two is expected to commence in FY2025-26.
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