Lumsden Point General Cargo Facility and Logistics Hub

Under Procurement
Lumsden Point General Cargo Facility and Logistics Hub

The Pilbara Ports Authority (PPA) has proposed a new general cargo facility and logistics hub at Lumsden Point. 

The project will comprise:

  • construction of the logistics hub and landside infrastructure
  • two berths totalling 500 metres in length
  • associated dredging for the berth and access channel, and
  • establishing a causeway between the wharf and land-based facilities.


Shortlist: Qube Bulk, and Melbourne International RoRo & Auto Terminal.


May 2014 Environmental approval for the project was obtained.
Jun 2018 An investor briefing for the project was held by the PPA.
Jan 2019 The PPA announced that Qube and Melbourne International RoRo & Auto Terminal have been shortlisted to build and operate the new cargo facility. The two shortlisted respondents will be required deliver detailed proposals to PPA.
2019 The PPA has confirmed the project is eligible for a Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) loan.
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