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M12 Motorway

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STATUS: Announced
VALUE: $1.75bn AUD
PROCUREMENT APPROACH: Traditional procurement
TYPE: Greenfield

The Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan is a 10 year program of works delivering new and upgraded roads in Western Sydney. 

As part of this program the M12 Motorway will provide direct access to the planned Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek and will connect to Sydney’s motorway network.

The project includes construction of:

  • a 16 kilometre four-lane motorway between the M7 at Cecil Hills and The Northern Road at Luddenham
  • an interchange with the existing M7 Motorway
  • an interchange at Western Sydney Airport
  • new bridges across Ropes Creek, Kemps Creek, South Creek, Badgerys Creek, Cosgrove Creek and several roads including Clifton Avenue, Elizabeth Drive, Range Road, Luddenham Road, and Wallgrove Road, and
  • other works including access roads, control centre facilities, and pedestrian and cycling links.


A 300 metre wide corridor has been identified for the M12, however the final motorway width is expected to be around 100-150 metres with provision for widening the motorway to six-lanes. 

Construction of the M12 will be split into three packages:

  • Package 1: Western section - procurement commencing Q3 FY2020-21, construction due to commence Q2 FY2021-22
  • Package 2: Central section - procurement commencing Q1 FY2021-22, construction due to commence Q4 FY2021-22, and
  • Package 3: Eastern section - procurement commencing Q2 FY2020-21, construction due to commence Q4 FY2021-22


The NSW Government has indicated that each package will be between $150-$500 million. The contracts for the Western and Central sections will be Construct Only, while the Eastern section will be a Design & Construct contract. Further information about the packages is yet to be released.

Major construction is expected to start in 2022 and be completed prior to the opening of Western Sydney Airport in 2025.

In July 2017, an Arcadis and Jacobs Joint Venture were appointed lead concept designer for the M12, which involves providing the concept designs, and undertaking the Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA).

The preliminary road design was released in February 2018 for public comment. It sees the M12 start at a new motorway interchange with the M7 just south of Elizabeth Drive, along with grade separated interchanges at Western Sydney Airport and The Northern Road.

Detailed investigations were conducted over 2018. On 9 September 2019, the NSW Government declared the project as critical state significant infrastructure. The project's Environmental Impact Statement was on public exhibition from 16 October to 18 November 2019. In May 2020, Transport for NSW opened tenders for the development of a Construction Environmental Management Plan and further environmental assessment services. 

$21 million was allocated towards planning the M12 in the 2017-18 NSW Budget.

The Federal Government is providing $1.4 billion to the project, having allocated a further $405 million in the 2019-20 Budget between FY2019-20 and FY2025-26, following an initial $997 million. The NSW Government is providing the remainder. The project's cost has been revised up from $1.25 billion to $1.75 billion following design work and community consultation.

The 2019-20 NSW Budget allocates $145 million to the M12 Motorway project in FY2019-20.

In September 2018, the NSW Government announced that the M12 Motorway will be toll free.

In July 2020, the Federal Government announced that Federal planning approvals for the M12 will be fast-tracked under a bilateral model between the Federal and State Governments, with the aim of reducing the approval times by up to 50 percent from an average of 3.5 years to 21 months.

In August 2020, Infrastructure Australia listed the M12 Motorway as a High Priority Project on its Infrastructure Priority List. The project was previously considered a Priority Initiative.

Last reviewed: 07/08/2020

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