M7-M12 Integration and Delivery

M7-M12 Integration and Delivery

M7-M12 Integration and Delivery is a market-led proposal, submitted to the NSW Government by WSO Co – a joint venture comprising Transurban Group, Queensland Investment Corporation and Canada Pension Plan Investment Board. The proposal is to widen sections of the M7 and connect it to the future Western Sydney Airport precinct via the future M12 motorway.

The proposal includes that WSO Co would:

  • finance and deliver the widening of the M7 motorway 
  • deliver a M7-M12 interchange, and
  • manage incident response, operations and maintenance for the M12.

M7 motorway was commissioned in 2003 and opened to traffic in December 2005, with NorthWestern Roads Group holding ownership under a concession agreement, that has since been extended until 2048. As of the time of submission of the M7-M12 Integration and Delivery proposal, the ownership of NorthWestern Roads Group comprised Transurban Group (50 per cent), Queensland Investment Corporation (25 per cent) and Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (25 per cent).

Under the M7-M12 Integration and Delivery proposal, the NSW and Commonwealth Governments will retain the devolopent and delivery of the future M12 will, and once completed, it will remain untolled.


Aug 2020 The NSW Government announced that the proposal submitted by WSO Co for M7-M12 Integration and Delivery will be progressed to Stage Two of NSW Government's Unsolicited Proposals process.
May 2022 The NSW Government has progressed WSO Co’s unsolicited proposal to the final stage of the NSW Government's Unsolicited Proposals process.