Melbourne Airport Elevated Loop Road

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Melbourne Airport Elevated Loop Road

Melbourne Airport will construct an elevated loop road network to separate public traffic from commercial transport operators. The project is required to accommodate forecasted increases in passengers, freight demand and employees.

Access improvements will target critical congestion points on the network leading into the airport, including Departure Drive, and the intersection of Centre Road and Terminal Drive.

The elevated loop road network will add 1.6km of new road to the airport’s existing network and be used primarily by private vehicles accessing pick up, drop off and parking facilities.

The at-grade network will continue to be used as the primary circulation network for commercial passenger vehicles (e.g. shuttle buses, coaches, rideshare and taxi), public transport vehicles, employees and freight traffic.
The following key segments of the network will be progressively delivered:

Stage 1 – T4 Express Link
Construction of a more streamlined exit from Tullamarine Freeway, catering to T4 domestic travellers. 

The project will create a more streamlined exit from the Tullamarine Freeway, and bypass roundabouts and intersections on the way to public pick up, drop off and parking facilities.

Stage 2 – Elevated Loop Road and Forecourt
Construction of a one-way elevated road, connecting the existing T4 ramp into a reconfigured T123 ground transport hub, allowing intersection-free access to all terminal precincts.

Elevated connections from the reconfigured T123 ground transport hub directly into Departure Drive for drop-off traffic and Melbourne Drive for pick-up traffic.

Key Dates

Dec 2019 Construction Commencement
Apr 2021 Expected Construction Completion


Debt Finance: Melbourne Airport


Oct 2019 Commonwealth approval of Major Development Plan (MDP) for Stage 1 – T4 Express Link.
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