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Melbourne Intermodal Terminal Package - Western Interstate Freight Terminal

Melbourne Intermodal Terminal Package - Western Interstate Freight Terminal

Two new intermodal terminals are proposed to be built in Melbourne to provide an efficient freight interface with the Inland Rail Freight Corridor at its southern end, and accommodate double-stacked 1,800-metre freight trains. 

The Western Interstate Freight Terminal (WIFT) will be owned by the Federal-Government owned National Intermodal Corporation.

The WIFT will be supported by the Outer Metropolitan Ring – South Rail connection.

Key Dates

Mar 2022 Project Announcement

Funding contributions

Victorian Government


Equity Finance: National Intermodal Corporation

The 2022-23 Federal Budget committed $740 million in equity to the WIFT project through the National Intermodal Corporation.


Procuring Agency: National Intermodal Corporation


Jul 2018 The 2018 to 2050 Victorian Freight Plan: Delivering the Goods identified Western Interstate Freight Terminal (WIFT) at Truganina and Beveridge Interstate Freight Terminal (BIFT) as locations for potential future interstate freight terminals. The document further stated that the Victorian Government believed the WIFT should be developed first, and would align with the planned completion of Inland Rail Freight Corridor.
May 2021 The 2021-22 Federal Budget committed $2 billion as a contingent allocation for a Melbourne intermodal terminal, with the option for the money being delivered as an ‘equity investment’.
Mar 2022 The 2022-23 Federal Budget committed $3.1 billion for the Melbourne Intermodal Terminal Package over four years, including $1.9 billion in equity to be delivered through the National Intermodal Corporation, and $1.2 billion in funding. $1.2 billion was committed in equity for the BIFT project, while $740 million was committed in equity for the WIFT project.
May 2022 The 2022-23 Victorian Budget allocated $6 million toward planning for the project.
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