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METRONET - High Capacity Signalling

METRONET - High Capacity Signalling

The High Capacity Signalling project will upgrade the existing signalling and control systems, which are nearing the end of their asset lives, to an integrated high-capacity signalling system. The rail network will have capacity to grow and see more reliable and safe train operations.

The scope of this project includes:

  • replacing the existing ‘fixed-block’ signalling system with a ‘moving-block’ Communications Based Train Control system
  • replacing the Automatic Train Protection system
  • implementing Automatic Train Operation, and
  • implementing Automatic Train Supervision and Regulation to replace the existing Train Control System.

Infrastructure Australia's Business Case Evaluation identified the following options for the High Capacity Signalling project:

  • Option 1 - Asset life extension with moderate signalling modifications (Base Case)
  • Option 3 - Asset life extension with conversion from existing three-aspect signalling to fouraspect signalling
  • Option 4E - New signalling technology / European Train Control System (ETCS) Level 2
  • Option 4F - New signalling technology / ETCS Level 2+ with Automatic Train Operation
  • Option 4B - New signalling technology / Communications-Based Train Control; and
  • Option 4J - New signalling technology only on those sections of the network requiring high capacity signalling and maintaining legacy signalling in sections of the network where high capacity signalling is not required.

Option 4B was found to be the preferred option.

A new Public Transport Operations Control Centre (PTOCC), located directly north of the existing Public Transport Centre in East Perth, is expected to include a centralised signalling equipment room, network control floors, and office space to support the High Capacity Signalling project implementation.

Key Dates

2021 Expected Construction Commencement
2023 Expected Construction Completion for PTOCC
2030 Expected Construction Completion


Procuring Agency: Public Transport Authority


Apr 2020 Infrastructure Australia's Business Case Evaluation identified implementing an Automatic Train Control system using modern, radio-based, high-capacity Communications-Based Train Control technology on all three line-groups of the Perth metropolitan railway network.
May 2021 The Federal Government announced $32 million in new funding for the project, bringing its total commitment to $134 million to date.
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