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More Trains More Services Stage Two – Digital Systems Program Tranche Two


The Digital Systems Program will replace current signalling and train control technology with modern, intelligent systems. It will help improve reliability, increase capacity and enhance customer experience on Sydney’s railways.

Part of More Trains, More Services Stage Two, the Digital Systems Program consists of three main elements:

  • replacing traditional trackside signalling equipment with the latest ‘in cab’ train control technology (European Train Control System Level Two)
  • implementing Automatic Train Operation, which assists drivers – who remain in control – to provide reduced and more consistent journey times, and
  • introducing a Traffic Management System to help the railway recover from any disruption quickly and manage the overall network as effectively as possible.

Tranche Two of the Digital Systems Program covers the North Shore, City Circle, City Area and Sydney Terminal. 

Key Dates

Jun 2022 Project Announcement

Funding contributions

NSW Government


Procuring Agency: Transport for NSW


Jun 2022 The 2022-23 NSW Budget allocated $661 million to the project over four years, including $108 million in FY2022-23. The funding is conditional and will deliver planning and enabling works on the signalling and train control system to replace the conventional signalling assets that are approaching life expiry on the busiest parts of the rail network, covering the North Shore, City Circle, City Area and Sydney Terminal.
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