Mortlake Battery

Mortlake Battery

The Mortlake Battery project is a proposed 300 megawatt / 650 megawatt hour battery energy storage project to be located in the Mortlake power station in Victoria. 

This project is located within the Victorian South-West REZ V4 region. The battery will be connected into the 500kV network that runs through the power station.

Construction of the Mortlake battery will take place in three phases:

Site preparation and civil works

  • installation and maintenance of environmental controls including drainage and sediment controls,
  • upgrade of the construction access track from existing internal access road to battery location,
  • existing easement crossings to access battery area,
  • cut and fill to level areas and establish a hardstand pad, and
  • structural works slabs to support battery modules, power conversion systems and transformer structures.

Component delivery and installation

  • delivery, installation and electrical interconnection of battery modules, power conversion systems and transformers,
  • installation of 500 kV gantry cabling from the substation transformers to the AusNet switchyard, and
  • works to connect the battery to the existing switchyard.

Commissioning and demobilisation

  • testing and commissioning activities, and
  • removal of construction equipment and rehabilitation of construction areas.

Key Dates

Jan 2024 Contract Award
2026 Construction Completion

Funding contributions

The Federal Government provided conditional funding through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), as part of ARENA's $176 million Large Scale Battery Storage Funding Round. The exact amount remains undisclosed. 



Origin has committed approximately $400 million to the project with the Federal Government providing undisclosed conditional funding through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).


Procuring Agency: Origin Energy
Successful Tenderer: Fluence, a subsidiary of Siemens and AES
Procurement note:

Fluence is a subsidiary of Siemens and AES>


Dec 2022 The project was announced as one of eight battery projects to receive funding through through ARENA’s $176 million Large Scale Battery Storage funding round
Nov 2023 The Victorian Department of Transport and Planning endorsed the amended Mortlake Power Station Development Plan and Mortlake Power Station Construction Environmental Management Plan to facilitate the development of the Mortlake Power Station battery.
Jan 2024 Origin awarded the main works contract to Fluence.
Procurement approach
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