Mt Rawdon Pumped Hydro Project

Detailed Planning
Mt Rawdon Pumped Hydro Project

The Mt Rawdon Pumped Hydro Project is a proposed pumped hydro facility with up to 2,000 megawatts / 20,000 megawatt-hours of capacity. The project is to be located 75 kilometres south-west of Bundaberg, and will repurpose the pit created by the exising Mt Rawdon Gold Mine. The scope of the works includes:

  • lower storage - formed by the existing mine pit
  • purpose-built upper storage 
  • waterway tunnels between the two storages
  • an underground power station, switchyard and associated access works
  • a transmission line and substation to link the project to the existing transmission network
  • upgrades or duplication of the existing water pipeline connecting the generation facility to Paradise Dam to enable the first fill of the generation facility, and
  • other ancillary works to support delivery. 

The project has been proposed by a joint venture between the current owners of the gold mine, Mt Rawdon Operations and ICA Investment Services. The proposed development site falls within Queensland's Central Renewable Energy Zone. 

Key Dates

2024 Expected Construction Commencement
2028 Expected Construction Completion


Jun 2022 An initial scoping report was published for the project.
Oct 2022 The proposal was declared a coordinated project and instructed to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement.
May 2024 Evolution Mining and ICA Partners announced that an Environmental Impact Statement for the Mt Rawdon Pumped Hydro project had been submitted to the Queensland Co-Ordinator General's office for assessment.
Estimated Total Cost
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