New Bridgewater Bridge

Under Delivery
New Bridgewater Bridge

A new Bridgewater Bridge will be constructed downstream of the existing bridge, providing a new connection between the Brooker and Midland Highways to the north of Hobart.

The scope of the project includes:

  • a new, four-lane bridge with two lanes in each direction
  • a speed limit of at least 80 km/h
  • a shared path for cyclists and pedestrians
  • safety screens and barriers
  • a grade separated interchange connecting the Brooker and Lyell Highways in Granton, and
  • connections to local roads in Bridgewater and Granton.

The navigation clearance of the new bridge will match the Bowen Bridge further downstream. However, the existing Bridgewater Bridge, with its vertical lift mechanism, will be retained, limiting the passage of larger boats up the Derwent River.

Key Dates

Aug 2020 RFP Open
Oct 2020 RFP Close
Dec 2021 Preferred Bidder Selection
Jul 2022 Contract Award
Apr 2023 Construction Commencement
2025 Expected Construction Completion

Funding contributions

Federal Government
Tasmanian Government

The project is funded through a partnership between the Tasmanian and Federal Governments, with the Federal Government providing 80 per cent of project funds and the Tasmanian Government 20 per cent.


Procuring Agency: Tasmanian Government
Shortlist: McConnell Dowell and CPB Contractors
Successful Tenderer: McConnell Dowell
Related contracts:
Design Consultant
Successful Tenderer - Jacobs


Jan 2018 The Tasmanian Government submitted the project business case to Infrastructure Australia for review. The proposed new bridge will be four lanes, with the railway crossing remaining on the current bridge.
Jul 2020 The Tasmanian Government released eight design requirements for the bridge, with the decision of whether to retain the existing bridge still undecided.
Aug 2020 An online briefing was held for details on the RFP.
Aug 2020 The Tasmanian Government issued Request for Proposal for Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) for the Design and Construct (D&C) contract of the bridge. Proposals are intended to provide a basis for shortlisting two tenderers that will participate in a competitive ECI process, resulting in the successful tenderer being awarded the D&C contract.
Oct 2020 The project's reference designs were released for community feedback, closing on 13 November.
Dec 2020 McConnell Dowell and CPB Contractors were shortlisted to partake in the competitive Early Contractor Involvement process to develop designs and construction methods for the bridge.
Dec 2020 The project was declared Tasmania's first 'Major Project' under new legislation with the aim to coordinate assessment processes and approvals.
Jul 2021 The Department of State Growth opened tenders for an Independent Verifier, closing on 8 September.
Aug 2021 The 2021-22 Tasmanian Budget allocated $30 million for the project in FY2021-22.
Dec 2021 The Tasmanian Government announced McConnell Dowell as the preferred bidder to deliver the New Bridgewater Bridge. The Tasmanian and Federal Governments also announced an increase in the estimated cost of the project, rising to $786 million from the earlier estimate of $576 million. In line with the Federal Government's commitment to fund 80 per cent of the project’s costs, an additional $167.8 million in federal funding was allocated, bringing the Federal Government's total funding commitment to $628.8 million.
May 2022 The Tasmanian Planning Commission’s Independent Major Project Assessment Panel provided planning approval for the project.
May 2022 Jacobs was appointed design consultant by McConnell Dowell to provide detailed design services for the Bridge.
Jul 2022 The Tasmanian Department of State Growth formally awarded the project's construction contract to McConnell Dowell.
Nov 2022 The Tasmanian Government released the final plans for the New Bridgewater Bridge.
Apr 2023 Major works construction commenced on the project. The projects estimated construction completion was amended to reflect an updated date of 2025, with initial traffic commencing in late 2024.