New Northside Hospital

New Northside Hospital

The proposed New Northside Hospital will be built on the site of the existing Calvary Hospital campus in Bruce.

The New Hospital will be owned by the ACT Government, following legislation passed for the compulsory acquisition of Calvary Hospital in May 2023, and will be operated by Canberra Health Services.


Funding contributions

ACT Government

The $1 billion requirement has not been committed to in any budget to date.


2016 Chief Minister submits proposal for providing funding for a scoping study to determine what future hospital services will be required in Canberra's north in coming years.
2018 ACT Government carried out a scoping study for expanded northside hospital facilities.
2020 A condition assessment of Calvary Public Hospital infrastructure was undertaken, along with an options analysis for the building of a new northside hospital. The options analysis recommended that a new northside hospital be built, rather than a remediation and expansion of the existing hospital.
2020 A Northside Hospital Project Team was established to undertake scope and early design of the new northside hospital and investigate locations for the hospital.
May 2023 ACT Health Minister introduced a Bill to compulsorily acquire the site of Calvary Public Hospital in Bruce to build the New Northside Hospital.
May 2023 Calvary announced a legal challenge to the Bill.
May 2023 The Health Infrastructure Enabling Act 2023 passed in the Legislative Assembly.
Jun 2023 Supreme Court dismisses Calvary Health Care's bid to stop ACT Government acquisition.
Jun 2023 The ACT Budget 2023-24 allocated $64 million over two years for design works.
Jul 2023 Calvary Public Hospital Bruce transitioned across to Canberra Health Services and is now known as North Canberra Hospital.
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