New Powerhouse Museum

New Powerhouse Museum

The NSW Government is building a new Powerhouse Museum on the bank of the Parramatta River, including seven large exhibition spaces, transport connections, as well as education, community, retail, residential, and green space components.

The scope of the main works package for the New Powerhouse Museum includes: 

  • construction of the new museum, including public presentation spaces, front and back-of-house spaces, education and community spaces, co-working and staff office spaces, residential and retail spaces
  • maintenance of the existing vehicular access easement via Dirrabarri Lane
  • construction of a new vehicular access point to Wilde Avenue for loading, and
  • removal of Oyster Lane and termination of George Khattar Lane.

The project is classified as a State Significant Development. Infrastructure NSW is leading procurement.

In 2015, the NSW Government initially announced that this project would relocate the existing Powerhouse Museum in Ultimo, with the sale of the old site to partly fund the new facility. 

In July 2020, the NSW Government reversed this decision and announced that the existing facility would be retained and continue to operate in addition to the Parramatta facility. The current Powerhouse Museum site in Ultimo will continue to host an arts and cultural precinct, including a new design and fashion museum and a Broadway-style lyric theatre. The final business case for the Ultimo site has not yet been completed.

The 2021-22 NSW Budget reported combined funding contributions for both the New Powerhouse Museum and the expansion of the Museum Discovery Centre in Castle Hill. It is unclear at this point whether these projects will be delivered together.

Key Dates

2015 Project Announcement
May 2018 NSW Government funding of $645m announced
Dec 2019 Design announced following competition
Jul 2020 NSW Government announce Ultimo facility will be retained
Oct 2020 EOIs open for main works
Nov 2020 EOIs open for early works
Sep 2021 Contract Award
Jan 2022 Expected Construction Commencement
2024 Expected Construction Completion

Funding contributions

NSW Government


Procuring Agency: Infrastructure NSW
Shortlist: Lendlease, Multiplex and Richard Crookes Construction
Successful Tenderer: Lendlease


2015 The NSW Government announced plans to relocate the Powerhouse Museum to Parramatta in Western Sydney.
Jul 2017 The location was secured with an agreement between the NSW Government and Parramatta Council.
Dec 2017 The business case was completed by Infrastructure NSW.
Apr 2018 The NSW Government released the summary business case and confirmed the powerhouse Museum would be completely relocated to Parramatta.
Jun 2018 The NSW Government announced funding of $645 million in the 2018-19 Budget (this funding assumed the government would recoup $195 million from the sale of the Ultimo facility).
Jan 2019 In the lead up to the NSW State election, the NSW Labor party announced that if elected it would keep the Powerhouse Museum at its current location in Ultimo. The re-election of the NSW Liberal-National Coalition Government means that the relocation will go ahead as planned. Also this month, the NSW Government announced the start of the international design competition that will be undertaken for the new museum and master planning of the precinct, calling for expressions of interest.
Apr 2019 The NSW Government announced it had purchased the Riverbank site for the new Powerhouse Precinct from the City of Parramatta, where the Powerhouse Museum will be relocated. This will form part of a new arts and cultural hub on the Parramatta River.
May 2019 Six design teams were announced as finalists in the international design competition.
Dec 2019 The NSW Government announced that the submission of Moreau Kusunoki and Genton had been chosen as the winning design.
Jan 2020 Department of Planning Industry and Environment Secretary's Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs) were requested for the purpose of preparing the EIS.
Feb 2020 The project was assessed as a Significant State Development (SSD) and the Planning SEARs were issued.
May 2020 The proponent submitted the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the project. Also, the NSW Government confirmed that the relocation would proceed as planned.
Jun 2020 The EIS was placed on Exhibition until 7 July.
Jul 2020 The NSW Government announced that the Powerhouse Museum in Ultimo will remain open and operate alongside the planned New Powerhouse Museum in Western Sydney. The NSW Government had previously planned to sell the current site at Ultimo for up to $195 million, with the proceeds to be contributed towards the cost of building the new museum at Parramatta.
Oct 2020 The NSW Government called for Expressions of Interest for the main works contract, closing on 26 October 2020.
Nov 2020 The NSW Government called for Expressions of Interest for the early works contract, closing on 20 November 2020.
Nov 2020 The NSW Government's 2020-21 Budget allocated $270 million for the project in FY2020-21.
Dec 2020 The NSW Government shortlisted three applicants for the project's construction. The shortlisted applicants are Lendlease, Multiplex and Richard Crookes Construction.
Feb 2021 The NSW Government approved the development plans for the project.
Jun 2021 The 2021-22 NSW Budget provided continued funding towards the New Powerhouse Museum and the expansion of the Museum Discovery Centre in Castle Hill, with $156 million allocated in FY2021-22. The Budget also confirmed a total estimated cost of $840 million for the project, to be fully funded by the NSW Government. This represents an increase from a previous estimate of $825 million.
Sep 2021 Main works contract awarded to Lendlease.
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