Newcastle Power Station Project

Newcastle Power Station Project

AGL is proposing to build a gas-fired power station in Tomago, New South Wales. It will be a dual-fuel (with gas the preferred source), fast-start peaking power plant with nominal capacity of 250 megawatts with gas pipelines, electricity transmission lines, site access and associated ancillary facilities. While it will be designed to operate as a peaking plant, it will also have capactiy for continuous operation should this be necessary.  

The power station will be located between Old Punt Road and the Pacific Highway, close to AGL's existing Newcastle Gas Storage Facility. AGL has previously been granted permission to build a power station on the proposed site. It forms part of AGL's plan to replace generation when the Lidell Coal Fired Power Station is retired. 

Key Dates

Apr 2018 Project Announcement
Nov 2019 EIS issued
Mar 2021 Planning approval granted
Dec 2023 Expected Construction Commencement
Dec 2025 Expected Construction Completion


Equity Finance: AGL


Procuring Agency: AGL is expected to procure construction of the project, and operate the plant once operational.


Feb 2018 SEARs issued.
Apr 2018 AGL announced the project and committed $400 million toward the project.
Nov 2019 EIS issued.
May 2020 Responses to submissions received.
Mar 2021 The NSW Government provided final planning approval for the project. The Final Assessment also provided an updated total capital cost of $439 million, up from a previous estimate of $400 million.
Estimated Total Cost
Procurement approach
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