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North East Link – Tolling Services Package

North East Link – Tolling Services Package

The proposed North East Link project will connect the Metropolitan ring road (M80) and Eastern Freeway (M3) completing a ring road around Melbourne which includes the Monash Freeway (M1).

As part of the project, Victorian Government will establish a separate tolling company (Toll Co) to collect and own the toll revenue generated through North East Link. 

The toll collection services will be procured through a separate process for the design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the toll collection system. This procurement will including roadside equipment and the back-office function.

The consortium delivering the Primary Package is responsible for the design, construct and maintain the civil infrastructure required to support the toll collection system and for ensuring this infrastructure is available to the tolling systems contractor for installation and commissioning.


Sep 2018 The Victorian Government released the proposed project packaging at an industry briefing. The project packaging includes the primary package PPP and four secondary packages at the time.
Nov 2018 The Expression of Interest document for the Primary Package indicated a further refinement of packaging. This included Tolling Services as a separate contract.
Mar 2020 The Victorian Government introduced legislation to create a state-owned toll-road company for the North East Link called the State Tolling Corporation (STC).
Nov 2021 The Victorian Government tabled the North East Link Tolling Agreement in the Victorian Parliament, confirming details of the planned approach for the first time. The Agreement specifies the powers and limitations of the North East Link State Tolling Corporation (STC) regarding toll collection for the North East Link corridor.
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