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Level Crossing Removal – North Western Program Alliance

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Level Crossing Removal – North Western Program Alliance

North Western Program Alliance (NWPA) is one of the four ongoing program Alliances established by Victoria’s Major Transport Infrastructure Authority (MTIA) (previously, Level Crossing Removal Authority) to deliver the Level Crossing Removal Program.

The Alliance comprises:

  • John Holland Group as the principal contractor
  • Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR) as the principal designer, and
  • Metro Trains Melbourn (MTM) as the network operator.

MTIA has allocated all level crossing removal sites, and incorporated rail upgrades to one of the four original program alliances, with formal contract awards occurring incrementally, subject to ongoing performance and provision of detailed works proposals and costings.

Allocated level crossing removals and other rail upgrades for the NWPA, with their status are below:

  • Bell Street, Coburg (operational)
  • Buckley Street, Essendon (operational)
  • Camp Road, Campbellfield (operational)
  • Glenroy Road, Glenroy (under delivery)
  • High Street, Reservoir (operational)
  • Moreland Road, Brunswick (operational)
  • Skye/Overton Road, Frankston (operational)
  • Cramer Street, Preston (under delivery)
  • McGregor Road, Pakenham (under delivery)
  • Main Street, Pakenham (under delivery)
  • Munro Street, Coburg (operational)
  • Murray Street, Preston (under delivery)
  • Oakover Road, Preston (under delivery)
  • Racecourse Road, Pakenham (under delivery)
  • Reynard Street, Coburg (operational)
  • Keon Parade, Keon Park (detailed planning)
  • Frankston Station (operational)
  • Glenroy Station (under delivery)
  • Bell Station (under delivery)
  • Preston Station (under delivery)
  • Coburg Station (operational)
  • Moreland Station (operational)
  • Reservoir Station (operational)
  • Pakenham Station (under delivery)
  • East Pakenham Station (under delivery)
  • Keon Station (detailed planning)
  • Albert Street, Brunswick (detailed planning)
  • Albion Street, Brunswick (detailed planning)
  • Brunswick Road, Brunswick (detailed planning)
  • Dawson Street, Brunswick (detailed planning)
  • Hope Street, Brunswick (detailed planning)
  • Union Street, Brunswick (detailed planning)
  • Victoria Street, Brunswick (detailed planning), and
  • Park Street, Parkville (detailed planning).

The Victorian Government has also announced further removals along the Frankston line at the following locations: 

  • Wickham Road, Highett
  • Highett Road, Highett
  • McDonald Street, Mordialloc
  • Station Street, Aspendale
  • Groves Street, Aspendale
  • Armstrongs Road, Seaford
  • Station Street, Seaford
  • Latrobe Street, Mentone (closure), and
  • Bear Street, Mordialloc (closure).

Key Dates

May 2017 Contract Award: Camp Road, Skye/Overton Road, and Buckley Street
2017 Construction Commencement
Feb 2018 Contract Award: Frankston Station
Dec 2018 Contract Award: High Street LXR and Reservoir Station
Oct 2019 Contract Award: Bell, Munro and Reynard streets, Moreland Road
Oct 2019 Contract Award: Coburg and Moreland Stations
Jan 2021 Contract Award: Glenroy LXR and Glenroy Station
Jan 2021 Contract Award: Oakover, Bell, Cramer and Murray Roads LXR
Jan 2021 Contract Award: Bell and Preston Stations
Jul 2021 Contract Award: Keon Parade
Jan 2022 Contract Award: Pakenham Level Crossing Removal Project
Sep 2022 Contract Award: 9 additional LXRs on Upfield Line
Oct 2022 Contract Award: 8 additional LXRs on Frankston Line
Dec 2029 Expected Construction Completion


Procuring Agency: Major Transport Infrastructure Authority (MTIA), Victoria
Successful Tenderer: North Western Program Alliance comprising John Holland Group, Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR), and Metro Trains Melbourn (MTM)


May 2017 The Victorian Government established Alliance contracts to deliver the remaining level crossing removals and related rail upgrades. NWPA was awarded a $170 million contract for removal of Camp Road level crossing in Campbellfield, Skye/Overton Road in Frankston and Buckley Street in Essendon.
Feb 2018 The Victorian Government awarded a $63 million contract to the NWPA to deliver the new Frankston Station.
Dec 2018 The Victorian Government awarded a $232 million contract to the NWPA to remove the level crossing at High Street in Reservoir and build the new Reservoir Station.
Oct 2019 The Victorian Government awarded a $542 million contract to the NWPA to remove level crossings at Bell, Munro and Reynard streets in Coburg, and Moreland Road in Brunswick. The contract also included the construction of two new stations at Coburg and Moreland.
Jan 2021 The Victorian Government awarded a $285.6 million contract to the NWPA for the Glenroy level crossing removal and construction the new Glenroy Station.
Jan 2021 The Victorian Government awarded a $564 million contract to the NWPA for the removal of four level crossings at Oakover Road, Bell Street, Cramer Street and Murray Road in Preston. The contract also included the construction of new stations at Bell and Preston.
Jul 2021 The Victorian Government announced an additional 10 level crossings would be removed, with one crossing removal and a new station awarded to this Alliance.
Jan 2022 The Victorian Government awarded the NWPA an $844 million contract to deliver the Pakenham Level Crossing Removal. The project will see level crossings removed at Main Street, McGregor Road and Racecourse Road and stations constructed at Pakenham and East Pakenham.
Sep 2022 The Victorian Government announced a further eight level crossings will be removed in Brunswick and Parkville on the Upfield line by 2027. It is expected that an elevated rail bridge will be constructed to remove the level crossings.
Oct 2022 The Victorian Government announced seven further removals along the Frankston line.
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