North West Transmission Developments

Under Procurement
North West Transmission Developments

The project will see the development of new and upgraded overhead high voltage alternating current transmission lines, linking substations at Palmerston, Sheffield, Burnie, Hampshire and Staverton.

The full scope of works for the project is:

  • 180 km of double circuit transmission lines
  • approximately 390 new towers
  • upgrades to three substations (Burnie, Sheffield and Palmerston), and
  • one new switching station at Hampshire Hills

The upgrades will be delivered over eight indicative sections:

  • Palmerston to Sheffield – 190 towers over 80 kilometres
  • Sheffield to Heybridge – 95 towers over 42 kilometres
  • Stowport to Heybridge – 18 towers over 3.2 kilometres
  • Stowport to Burnie – 14 towers over five kilometres
  • Burnie to East Cam – 13 towers over 4.6 kilometres
  • East Cam to Highclere – 28 towers over 15.2 kilometres
  • Highclere to Hampshire – 20 towers over 9.3 kilometres
  • Staverton to Sheffield – upgrade of existing towers over 18.6 kilometres

The transmission network between Staverton and Hampshire Hills is excluded from this scope and is subject to a separate procurement process.

Key Dates

Jul 2022 ROIs Open
Aug 2022 ROIs Close


Procuring Agency: TasNetworks


Feb 2021 The Tasmanian Government approved the project's planning criteria.
Jul 2022 TasNetworks opened Registrations of Interest for the project.
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