Novocastrian Offshore Wind Farm

Detailed Planning
Novocastrian Offshore Wind Farm

The Novocastrian Offshore Wind Farm, proposed by Oceanex and Equinor, is a proposed offshore wind generation project with approximately 2,000 megawatt (MW) capacity. The project is to be located 20 kilometres off the Newcastle coastline in NSW. It will involve the use of 15 MW turbines and floating foundation technology. 

Oceanex and Equinor are undertaking feasibility studies for the project. 

Key Dates

2028 Expected Construction Commencement
2031 Expected Construction Completion


2020 Oceanex first announced plans to develop the project.
2022 Oceanex partnered with Equinor to further develop the project.
Jun 2024 The Federal Government preliminarily offered Equinor and Oceanex a feasibility licence for the project. The final decision on the feasibility licence is subject to consultation processes, including with stakeholders in the local community and First Nations groups, and preparation of environmental assessments and management plans. If feasibility of the project is proven, the developers can apply for a commercial licence to build the offshore wind project to generate electricity commercially.
Estimated Total Cost
Procurement approach
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