Osborne Submarine Construction Yard

Osborne Submarine Construction Yard

Australia will begin building conventionally-armed, nuclear-powered submarines, the SSN-AUKUS, in Osborne, South Australia by the end of 2030. Construction will be supported by an expansion of the existing Osborne Naval Shipyard Area to support the facilities and infrastructure required to build the first SSN-AUKUS, referred to as the Submarine Construction Yard (SCY).

The preferred site for the SCY is situated north of the existing Osborne Naval Shipyard on the Lefevre Peninsula, approximately 19 km north of Adelaide in South Australia. 

Key Dates

Mar 2023 Project Announcement
Dec 2023 Enabling works commencement


Procuring Agency: Australian Naval Infrastructure, in partnership with the Australian Submarine Agency
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Design Partners
Successful Tenderer - Kellogg, Brown and Root AECOM and Aurecon Joint Venture

Early Works - Staging and laydown area construction
Successful Tenderer - Shamrock Civil


Mar 2023 The Federal Government announced a Submarine Construction Yard would be constructed in Osborne, South Australia
Oct 2023 The Federal Government established Australian Naval Infrastructure (ANI) as an Australian Government Business Enterprise. ANI will work with the Australian Submarine Agency’s to oversee design and delivery of infrastructure to enable submarine building in Australia.
Nov 2023 The Federal Government reached an agreement with the South Australian Government on a land exchange for the new submarine construction yard. Land is also to be secured for a Skills and Training Academy to train Australia’s submarine and naval shipbuilding workforce.
Dec 2023 The Australian Government announced that preliminary enabling works had commenced on the Submarine Construction Yard. Works include the creating of a staging and laydown area, and a pedestrian bridge and road.
Mar 2024 The Federal Minister for the Environment and Water endorsed the Terms of Reference for the Strategic Assessment of Osborne.
May 2024 The 2024-25 Federal Budget noted an equity injection from the Federal Government into Australian Naval Infrastructure to progress design and construction works, including at the Osborne Shipyard. However, the value of the injection was withheld due to 'commercial sensitivities'.
May 2024 The Federal Government announced that Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR) and an AECOM and Aurecon Joint Venture have been announced as design partners for the project. KBR will design the steel processing and fabrication facilities. The AECOM and Aurecon Joint Venture will deliver the concept design for the rest of the site, which will support outfitting, consolidation and commissioning of Australia’s nuclear-powered submarines.
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