Major Contract

Pacific Motorway M1 Upgrade - Daisy Hill to Logan Motorway

Detailed Planning
Pacific Motorway M1 Upgrade - Daisy Hill to Logan Motorway

The M1 motorway is being upgraded between Daisy Hill to the Logan Motorway as part of the M1  Pacific Motorway North  Upgrade program which is part of the larger M1 Pacific Motorway Upgrade between Eight Mile Plains and Tugun. 

The M1 Motorway Upgrade North is divided into three stages:

  • Stage One - M1/M3 Gateway Merge ($196 million) - awarded to Lendlease in October 2017
  • Stage Two - Eight Mile Plains to Daisy Hill, and
  • Stage Three - Daisy Hill to Logan Motorway.

Stage Three - Daisy Hill to Logan Motorway will include: 

  • southbound capacity upgrade from Springwood to Loganholme
  • northbound capacity upgrade from Daisy Hill to Loganholme, and
  • ramps consolidation and managed motorway technologies.

Due to the size of Stage Three, the project will be divided into:

  • Stage 3A - Logan Road to Loganlea Road north (Exit 20 to Exit 23/24), and
  • Stage 3B - Loganlea Road south to Logan Motorway (Exit 24 to Exit 31).

Key Dates

Jan 2024 Expected Construction Commencement

Funding contributions

Federal Government
Queensland Government


2018 Building Queensland completed a detailed business case for the project in Quarter 3 2018, following the re-elected Queensland Government committing $16 million towards a business case for future upgrades of the M1 corridor between Eight Mile Plains and the Logan Motorway. The cost-benefit analysis undertaken for the project calculated a benefit cost ratio of 1.28.
Jun 2018 The Queensland Budget allocated $374.5 million to the project. The Budget notes that project timing and funding arrangements are still subject to negotiations with the Federal Government, with the total project costs subject to business case development. The 2018-19 Queensland Transport Infrastructure Program (QTRIP), released in conjunction with the Budget, notes that the majority of funding for the project is beyond the forward estimates with $424 million for Eight Mile Plains to Daisy Hill beyond FY2021-22.
Jan 2019 January 2019 the business case was also submitted to Infrastructure Australia for evaluation.
Estimated Total Cost
Procurement approach
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