Pakenham Roads Upgrade

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Pakenham Roads Upgrade

The Pakenham Roads Upgrade includes the duplication of Racecourse Road between the Princes Freeway and Henry Street in Pakenham, and upgrades to McGregor Road and Racecourse Road interchanges. This includes the signalisation of the intersection at Bald Hill Road, upgrading the Princes Freeway overpass, upgrading the McGregor Road interchange with the Pakenham Bypass, new freeway ramps and the widening of McGregor Road between the northern freeway roundabout and Webster Way.

The proejct is being delivered in three stages: 

  • Stage One: Princes Freeway Interchanges Upgrade
  • Stage Two: McGregor Road Upgrade, and
  • Stage Three: Racecourse Road Upgrade.

The Princes Freeway Upgrade includes:

  • upgrading the freeway interchanges at Healesville-Koo Wee Rup Road, replacing both roundabouts with traffic lights
  • building an extra bridge over the Princes Freeway at Healesville-Koo Wee Rup Road to provide two lanes in each direction
  • building new east-facing ramps to and from the Princes Freeway at McGregor Road
  • adding an extra lane in each direction on the freeway between McGregor and Healesville-Koo Wee Rup roads to connect the entry and exit ramps between the two interchanges
  • adding extra lanes on Healesville-Koo Wee Rup Road between Peet Street and Southeast Boulevard/Livestock Way, so that it is two lanes in each direction
  • installing new shared walking and cycling paths to improve pedestrian and cyclist connectivity, and
  • installing safety barriers and new street lighting to improve safety.

Key Dates

Feb 2019 Project Announcement
Mar 2022 Funding committed
Apr 2022 Contract Award
Feb 2023 Construction Commencement
Nov 2023 Construction Commencement - Stage Two
Jul 2025 Expected Construction Completion - Stage One
Dec 2025 Expected Construction Completion - Stages Two and Three

Funding contributions

Federal Government


Procuring Agency: Major Road Projects Victoria
Successful Tenderer: Symal


May 2022 The 2021-22 Federal Budget allocated $380 million to the project, with the Federal Government to fully fund the project.
Sep 2022 Infrastructure Australia released its evaluation of the project's business case. This found the project was estimated to have a benefit-cost ratio of 0.94 at a 7 per cent discount rate.
Feb 2023 Construction commenced on Stage One of the project.
Apr 2023 Symal was awarded the contract as principal constructor for Stage One of the project. This marked Symal's first ever freeway project.
Nov 2023 Construction commenced on Stage Two of the project.
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