Prospect to Macarthur Link

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Prospect to Macarthur Link

The Prospect Macarthur Link Infrastructure project will upgrade the existing water reservoirs at Liverpool and Cecil Park. ProMac will allow for an extra 100 megalitres of additional reservoir capacity in Western Sydney. 

The project scope includes the construction of:

  • four reservoirs
  • two pumping stations
  • four re-chlorination plants, and
  • 18 kilometres of pipeline. 

It also involves upgrading an existing pumping station and reservoir. 

Key Dates

May 2020 Contract Award
Jan 2021 Construction Commencement
Nov 2024 Expected Construction Completion

Funding contributions

NSW Government


Procuring Agency: Sydney Water
Successful Tenderer: Diona ACCIONA


Jun 2020 IPART approved expenditure on the project of $205 million, over the pricing proposal period of FY2020-24, for the components of the project which addressed growth challenges. Expenditure for the purposes of resilience, estimated to cost $280 million, would be deferred.
Nov 2020 The 2020-21 NSW Budget indicated that Sydney Water would spend $259 million on the project in FY2020-21 out of a total estimated cost of $578 million. It is unclear how this corresponds to IPART's final pricing determination.
Jan 2021 Construction commenced on the project, starting in Cecil Hills.
Sep 2022 The 18km of water main are complete. The pipeline was installed in sections by six contractors.
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