Queensland New South Wales Interconnector

Queensland New South Wales Interconnector

The Queensland New South Wales Interconnector (QNI Connect) is a proposed transmission line and actionable ISP project that would connect the New England REZ Transmission Link to Queensland. It will be delivered by Powerlink in Queensland and Transgrid in NSW. The line would run appoximately 300 kilometres in NSW and 300 kilometres in Queensland. 

Options have been proposed for 500-kilovolt (kV) and 300-kV routes. The current preferred option by AEMO includes the following scope: 

  • a new 330-kV double-circuit line from locality of New England Hub 5 to Dumaresq to Bulli Creek to Braemar
  • new 330/275-kV transformers at Braemar, and
  • 330-kV Line shunt reactors at New England Hub 5, Dumaresq, Bulli Creek, and Braemar for the 330-kV lines between New England Hub 5 and Braemar (via Dumaresq and Bulli Creek).

This option is expected to add an additional network capacity of 1,260 megawatts (MW) in the north and 1,700 MW in the south. 

QNI Connect is a seperate project from QNI Connect Minor, which was completed in 2022.

Key Dates

Dec 2021 Project Announcement
Apr 2032 Expected Operations/Service Commencement
Mar 2033 Expected Construction Completion


Dec 2021 AEMO's Draft 2022 ISP refers to QNI Connect for the first time. It identifies that the ISP project referred to as “QNI Connect” in the 2022 ISP is a smaller revised version of the QNI Medium and QNI Large projects listed as future ISP projects in the 2020 ISP. Much of the infrastructure intended in those projects was included in the New England REZ Transmission Link.
Jun 2022 The 2022 ISP identifies that QNI connect would enable approximately 1,000 MW transfer capacity between southern Queensland and New England. The cost was identified at $1.25 billion and the timing in the most likely scenario was FY2032-33, with earliest delivery date of FY2028-29.
Jun 2023 Transgrid releases 2024 ISP Preparatory Activities for QNI Connect. It identifies that there are four options for the NSW component of the project, differing between kilovolt capacity, and single or double circuits. The report also confirms that the estimated distance would be around 300 kilometres in NSW and 300 kilometres in Queensland.
Dec 2023 The Draft 2024 ISP confirms AEMO's preferred option is Option Two, which would include a 330 kV double-circuit line from New England to Braemer. The estimated cost for this option was $2.52 billion (with a 50 per cent margin of error) and the estimated optimal timing for delivery was FY2033-24, with the earliest feasible delivery date being FY2030-2031.
Jun 2024 AEMO's 2024 ISP listed the project as 'actionable'. The ISP identified that the new in service timing as advised by the proponent has been pushed from 2031 to April 2032, with full capacity operations expected in March 2033.
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