Queensland Supergrid South

Queensland Supergrid South

The Queensland SuperGrid South  is a proposed upgrade and extension, linking Central and South Queensland energy grids. The project is Stage Two of the Queensland Energy and Jobs plan, and involves new 500 kilovolt transmission lines to connect Borumba Pumped Hydro Project into the NEM in Central Queensland.

The SuperGrid South also includes Stage One of the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan, which will provide the transmission capacity for the Borumba pumped hydro project to connect into the NEM.

The project involves 430 kilometres of 500 kV transmission lines: 

  • The Borumba connection: two 500 kV transmission lines around 140 kilometres in length, and
  • The Southern Queensland and Central Queensland connection: one 500 kV transmission line around 290 kilometres in length. 


Key Dates

Jun 2031 Expected Construction Completion


Sep 2022 The Queensland Government identified the need for the project in its Queensland SuperGrid Infrastructure Blueprint. The Blueprint estimated that the Borumba connection construction would be required to commence in FY2026 and be complete by FY2029 for operation commencement in 2030. The estimated cost was $800 million. The Blueprint estimated that CQ and SQ construction would be required to commence in FY2027 and be complete by FY2030 for operation commencement in 2031. The estimated cost was $1.3 billion.
Dec 2023 The project was identified as an Actionable ISP Project in the draft 2024 AEMO Integrated Systems Plan. The new project cost was estimated at $3.3 billion ± 50% and an updated construction completion date of June 2031 was identified.
Estimated Total Cost
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